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Ola and Uber Hyderabad will be offline on New Years eve

Ola and Uber made Hyderabad citizens used to their services. In fact my investor has chosen to use Ola to office over buying a new car. The whole city is penetrated with these cab aggregators services. This new year’s eve is going to have lot of drunk drivers since Ola and Uber Hyderabad drivers are on a 5 days strike. This is the perfect time for the drivers to go on a strike, since Uber and Ola have heavily marketed  their services saying that they will be available 24 hours on this new years eve.

Yesterday (30th December) representatives of all cab driver associations in the state met at Gachibowli and decided to stop the services in the city from midnight onwards. Cab drivers associations are Telangana State Cabs and Bus Operators Association (TSCBOA), Telangana State Cab Owners and Drivers Association (TSCODA) and Telangana Cabs Association (TCA). Around one lakh drivers are registered with these organizations. The reason for this 5 day strike is because of the low earnings thanks to new drivers being added every day into both the cab aggregators. Currently there are 20,000 Ola drivers and 33,000 Uber drivers in Hyderabad.

We tried to contact Ola on email, but did not get any reply. An employee in Uber (we promised anonymity) told IndianCEO not to take Ola and Uber these 5 days. They got complaint from drivers, saying that association is damaging all Ola and Uber cabs that are working during this strike.

Uber driver Md Syed Baba told us that he used to get minimum of 10 a day and the company gave them incentive upto Rs 5000. His earning was more than 80,000 after all expenses. But now with the increase in drivers, the number of trips reduced, and the incentive too. He is looking for an opportunity in a corporate to get a stable income.

Uber and Ola have tied up with a number of car manufacturing companies to provide cars on EMI basis. This strategy increased the number of cars in city therefore every customer will get a cab within minutes, but the drivers are losing out on trips. Drivers have to work 18 hours a day to the make the same amount that they used to make by working 8 hours a day. As per US labour law an employee should work only 40 hours a week, but Uber being an America origin company is not following this law in India. Read more Indian Startup News.

Ola and Uber Hyderabad will be offline on New Years eve
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