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Indian astrologer predicts Hillary Clinton as next USA President !

Indians are known to believe a lot in stars. Recently we launched our Kundali series that talks about every Indian entrepreneur’s future based on their stars/Kundali. Our priest partner a startups called Panditz  has read kundalis of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The startup predicts that Hillary Clinton’s stars are very strong till the end of Jan2017. Since the election is on Nov 8th, there are high chances of Hillary Clinton to be the next USA President.

Below is the communications sent to us by Mr Maruthi,Founder of after analyzing both the candidates kundalis.

“Hillary …scorpion ascendant..presently sun maha dasha is going on till 2020 and presently jupiter antar dasha will be till jan 2017. Sun and Jupiter are being favorite planets for her. she will be the queen.  Trump…leo ascendant .. presently rahu maha dasha is at the fag end and mars antar dasha is till jan 2017.   Mars is lord of trump’s moon sign scorpio,  but inauspicious period for trump and poll is  on 8th also which is lucky number for him. But No luck for trump”

Recent research shows that Hillary’s FBI case has given her negative points but the kundali shows otherwise. 9th November will be exciting to know who will wear the crown of one of the most powerful presidents of the world.

Indian astrologer predicts Hillary Clinton as next USA President !
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