Chandhrababu Naidu lays the foundation stone for Amaravati

The town of Amaravati is located near the southern banks of the Krishna River in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. It is currently the de – facto capital of the state. Amaravati is a historical town which was once ruled by the rulers of the Satvahana Kingdom. The most iconic relic in the town of Amaravati is the statue of ‘Dhyana Budha’. Presently, the city of Hyderabad in the state of Telangana is the joint capital for the two states i.e., for Andhra Pradesh and for Telangana since Telangana was formed in 2014. It will serve as joint capital for both the states until 2024 after which Amaravati will become the official capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh. Read more on Chandhrababu Naidu

The process to make Amaravati the capital of Andhra Pradesh started in October 2015. The foundation stone for developing Amaravati as the state capital was laid on 22 October 2015, at Uddandarayunipalem area by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. As of October 2016, the majority of departments and officials of the Andhra Pradesh State Government are now functioning from interim facilities located in the Velagapudi area of Amaravati, with only a skeleton staff remaining behind in Hyderabad. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, N. Chandhrababu Naidu began working from Velagapudi in April 2016. The Andhra Pradesh Legislature remained in Hyderabad until March 2017, when it relocated to the newly constructed interim legislative buildings in Velagapudi.

Yesterday (16/05/2017), Chief Minister, N. Chandhrababu Naidu and Singapore Trade and Industry Minister, S. Iswaran laid the foundation stone for the start – up area of Amaravati in a porch ceremony at Mandadam in the Guntur district of the state. N. Chandhrababu Naidu had accused the opposition parties in the state for the delay in inaugurating the startup area in Amaravati. There were a lot of court cases to be solved (which the opposition parties had created) before the startup area could be inaugurated. The inauguration was delayed by a year due to the court cases.

“Imagine what would have the progress been by now had the government started work a year ago as per original schedule. The government was forced to defer the plans due to court cases”, he said.

“But be wary of those people who put a spoke in our wheel. Are you ready to teach a lesson to those people who are still trying to create hurdles in our endeavors?” he asked, drawing a thunderous applause from the gathering.

Mr. Naidu emotionally said that God himself had ordered him to develop the town of Amaravati. “The government promises to recreate heaven on earth here. As in Indira’s Amaravati, the people here too will have all riches, health and happiness. Being a denizen of Amaravati itself would be recognition. The government hereafter will work with the sole slogan—people first”, he said.

The Singapore Trade and Industry minister, S. Iswaran said that it was an honor to be invited as chief guest to the momentous occasion. Mr. Iswaran also added that the state of Andhra Pradesh has made tremendous progress in every field in the past few years thanks to the initiatives of the Chief Minister, N. Chandhrababu Naidu. He said that the initiatives taken by the Chief Minister have made the state of Andhra Pradesh, a business friendly state, where doing business is easy. Hence, a lot of domestic and international companies have come forward to invest in Andhra Pradesh. Mr. Iswaran finally added that he was confident that the town of Amaravati would become a vibrant city by 2020 owing to the development initiatives of CM, Chandhrababu Naidu.

Assembly Speaker, Kodela Siva Prasada Rao, Deputy Chief Minister, N. Chinarajappa, Ministers, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, Devineni Umamaheswara Rao, Prathipati Pulla Rao, Kollu Ravindra, Kamineni Srinivas, Sidda Raghava Rao and Guntur MP Galla Jayadev were among those present at the startup area inauguration. Read more on Startup News

Chandhrababu Naidu lays the foundation stone for Amaravati
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