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Micron Names SanDisk Co-Founder Sanjay Mehrotra CEO

The chipmaker company Micron Technology Inc has named Sanjay Mehrotra who cofounded the famous company SanDisk. Mark Durcan was the company’s CEO previously but he returned in February to give way to others. Micron Technolgy is an American company that specializes in making chips. It was founded in 1978 and has since then grown to become one of the leading chip makers in the industry. The revenue, however, was in decline when Mark Durcan left the company. Mehrotra’s appointment is effective from May 8 after which the previous CEO Mark Durcan will work as an advisor to the company. He will hold that post until August after which he might choose to leave the company altogether.

Mark Durcan worked at Micron for more than 30 years post which he was promoted to the CEO’s post. His promotion, however, came as a result of a very horrific situation when the then company’s CEO Steve Appleton was killed in a plane crash in 2012. The new CEO Sanjay Mehrotra worked at SanDisk from 2011 to 2016 when he decide to leave the firm and join Micron as a CEO.

Last year Mehrotra bought the US hard disk maker company Western Digital Corp for $16 billion which was seen as a very positive move by the company and it made his position even stronger in the company. Although the exact reason to leave the company is not known it is suggested that he might have generated a rift in the company after which he had to leave the company.

After Mehrotra was appointed as the CEO Micro’s share rose to 1% which suggests that it will be a very good merger of two of the giants of industry.

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Micron Names SanDisk Co-Founder Sanjay Mehrotra CEO
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