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Mira Road Fake Call Center Scam mentor arrested

33 year old Mumbai based businessman, Jagdish Kanani was arrested from the susburbs of Mumbai. He is the mentor of Sagar Thakkar, the founder of the Mira Road Fake Call Center. This call center scammed many US tax payers saying that they are calling from the IRS and claiming to arrest them for tax defaults.  Read more about this fake call center.

Mr Jagdish has started his first fake call center in 2009 and ever since is running such businesses. He is the one who helped Sagar to set up this 2 Cr revenue generating fake call center.  Jagdish started his career by working in BPO firms abroad, where he learn’t all the voice processes. In fact he is running successful fake call centers across the country by extorting money from US.

Thane police says Jagadish is a catch and they will be able to break down this fake call center racket. Jagadish was given up by one of the suspects interrogated in the Mira Road Fake Call center case. A large server was found in one of the call centers in Ahemedabad that had the entire database of calls generated from the Mira Road call center.

One of the suspects told that Sagar gave 30% of revenue to the US agents. 60% of the remaining revenue was taken by Sagar and the rest 40% was given to others. Further each the call center executive were designated as dialler and closer. Dialler starts of the conversation with the US tax payer and the closer caries out the final negotiations. Read more on Startup Scams.

Dialler gets two rupees per US Dollar earned while closer gets 3 rupees per US Dollar earned as bonus over the basic salary. India is known for BPO hub, such startup scams will effect the name and MNCs would look into other countries to setup BPOs. Mumbai police is taken this seriously and they assured to level such operations to ground at the earliest. Read Startup News.

Mira Road Fake Call Center Scam mentor arrested
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