Sneak peek into Mark Zuckerberg ‘s AI Jarvis

Three days back Facebook CEO put up a video about his pet project Jarvis. Jarvis is not yet like the Jarvis from Iron Man movie, but this AI is trying to make life easy for Mark at his new home.

The video shows that Mark is still working on the AI and it will take him some months to years to perfect it. Jarvis is designed to operate the whole house based on Mark’s voice. Well the video shows that even Mark’s wife can also communicate with Jarvis.

The biggest challenge Mark sees is communication between various systems. Which mean Facebook engineering team has to be deployed to create APIs for various machines? There are various vendors like Apigee who are good at building APIs in no time. Not sure if FB team or a vendor is working on APIs for this AI.

Once the AI is ready all the systems will operate on voice control and the main gate will open based on facial recognition software. Mark’s guests would be welcomed by AI. The AI can also be communicated with a Facebook messenger bot. This is Mark’s 1 year effort and very soon he will have an AI friend. Read more News related to Facebook.

Sneak peek into Mark Zuckerberg ‘s AI Jarvis
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