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Maharashtra Can be the New Startup Capital!

Startup India is a great initiative taken by our Prime Minister, Shri Narender Modi in order to extend bank financing help to the business startups. This campaign would create more jobs and improve employment conditions of our country. Bangalore is the hub for this startup campaigns and now Maharashtra Government is putting all efforts to make Maharashtra the startup capital of our Digital India. The state too is planning to adopt the upcoming culture.

The Government of Maharashtra has started making every effort to boost startup campaign in India. As of now, Government has officially declared to waive off charges that were initially laid on buying stamp duty or registration charges for the startups who make any kind of transaction for the first time. The plans are being made to waive off almost 50% charges when the startups initiate their second transaction.

The Maharashtra Government is planning to give concessions on funding for startups and other entrepreneurs in lieu of this Startup Policy. The government has asked citizens for their suggestion and any kind of objections on their online portal. The last date for giving reviews is 8th May 2017.

According to the Principal Secretary of Human Resource Development of India, Deepak Kapoor, Most of the business startups need money and human resource to flourish any business. Under the funding concession policy, the government has taken care of fiscal benefits as well.

Highlights of proposed plans of Maharashtra Government

  • The government has focused on measures to bring the latest technology to schools and colleges as well. This move taken by Indian Maharashtra Government to improve the startups of the state would improve the education system of the state.
  • In order to simply the business startups procedures, a single window will be created to handle the licensing and permission-granting.
  • Self-certification process would be encouraged in order to avoid unnecessary hassle of taking approvals from governmental agencies.
  • A startup cell will be created that will protect IP, and help startups get incentive from State and Central government. This will help startups to focus on their business, its products, and services.
  • A strong network connected college campuses would be formed that will help college going students to get grace marks.
Maharashtra Can be the New Startup Capital!
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