Life with out a EMI

“Life with out a EMI” the statement looks so good I instantly fell in love with it.

It was 2010 November when I decided to quit my job and start something of my own. By that time I already had EMI’s and loans to take care of, I was pretty sure that my cash flows are not going to be easy. Before I bet my time on startup, First thing I did is pre close my loans so that I will not have a any EMI burden month on month. EMI to my knowledge is a mental block for many to make a career decision, It is a kind of whirlpool which is not so easy to escape.  With little money in hand I set out my journey as an entrepreneur, My startup journey taught me many lessons and most importantly about managing finances.

During my seven year journey as an entrepreneur I ensured that I had zero EMI’s, Considering the inconsistency in business. I only buy things if I have sufficient cash in hand. This practice helped me to avoid buying vanity items or indulge in impulsive buying. More than anything, Being free from financial commitments helped me stay focused and make decisions that help my startups. Though your company always needs money keeping your personal expenses at bay can give lot of comfort in running that startup game.

Last month I decided to  take a break from my regular startup journey and get back to a challenging corporate job for a decent period.

I would like continue the same policy of  “LIfe With Out A EMI” which can help me in the following areas.

  1. I can talk to management very transparently with out  fear of losing job.
  2. I can make decision that protects my company not my job.
  3. I can just avoid nodding my head even though I do not agree with my colleague.
  4. Though it is little tough, taking a “no” can help many times.
  5. Financially being EMI free can help me get back to my startup journey anytime I feel that is right.

While this might be the approach most entrepreneurs take. Having the similar discipline in regular corporate job will also help. I am stepping in to a new corporate career now and I will come back with more information on how ” Life With out EMI” helps me.  Believe me EMI free life is just fun. 

Life with out a EMI
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