Legal notice to Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

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Delhi Government sends a legal notice to Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

It’s absolutely distressing to hear about a legal notice being sent to the CEO, Uber, Travis Kalanick by the Delhi police to appear in the court. It all started about a month ago, when the Delhi police issued challan to Travis for illegally acting as the travel agent for the Uber cabs. The Delhi Government also issued challans to the Indian President of Uber, Ankit Jain and the General Manager of Uber, North India, Gagan Bhatia for engaging themselves as the unlicensed travel agents and canvassers of Uber and not the owner of the cabs.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal impounded the Ola and the Uber cabs for the reason of their high surge pricing as a part of the odd-even scheme. Both the companies suspended the high fares on the impoundment of their cabs, but got back to their peak pricing once the odd-even came to termination.

When the Government realized that the cabs revived their surge pricing, they started impounding cabs again and almost did a 400. This put the owners of the cab in risk as most of them would be bankrupt if the cabs are seized. The government then decided to challan the top brass to whom the parent company belonged to.

Several enforcement teams were introduced by the government to ensure reasonable charges on rides. In this process, 13 cabs were impounded, as a result of which the enforcement issued challans on the names of Kalanick, Jain and Bhatia. The court issued Uber a legal notice, days after which Uber terminated its peak pricing and started charging normal and reasonable fares on rides. The spokesperson of Uber, Ruchica Tomar flaunts that Uber accepts and executes the terms and conditions laid down by the Government under the vehicles act for the radio taxis.

The government has decided to make a thorough check with the cab aggregators again and has concluded to ban Uber and other app-based cabs as one of the cab drivers was caught guilty in the case of sexual harassment. Though the government has announced the prohibition of all the app-based cab aggregators, they still tend to ply illegally, as the case is still unsettled in the court.

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