Key points in PM Modi Address to the nation

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PM Modi’s address to the nation and here are some key points.

  1. Modi congratulated People of the country who supported us in demonetization and helped government to flush out illegal money and trade.
  2. This mission will make us a cashless nation and cleanse the system which is full of corruption.
  3. There only 25 lakh honest tax payers in India and now it is right time to filter who is evading tax.
  4. This government is friend of honest people and at a mission to bring dishonest to bring to a better path.
  5. Lot of government officers are corrupt and they have more responsibility to become honest than regular people.
  6. All the illegal trade is dependent on black money and because of this demonetization they are damaged to the most,
  7. Youth of this nation is responsible to make this mission much more successful.
  8. Utilize technology in an effective way to bring effectiveness to financial system.
  9. Thankful to the bank officials who worked day and night to help their customers.
  10. If our financial systems is better our growth will accelerate in a big way.
  11. For Poor and under privileged under Paradhan Matri scheme for people who wants to construct home either in village or urban location, Government with subside it and provide financial assistance.
  12. This year RABI crop is yield is 6% more thank last year.
  13. Loan Waiver for Farmers who have taken loan from Co-operative societies and rural banks.
  14. Kisan credit card will be issued to all the farmers to facilitate capital during crop season.
  15. Credit guarantee for small business and startups between 1-2 crore who will to avail loan from banks and NBFC’s.
  16. Working capital loans for people who used digital transactions more.
  17. A new scheme for Pregnant women under which Treatment, Delivery, Immunization and nutrition  cost will be credited to their bank account. This will reduce Mother and child death rate.
  18. For senior citizen and FD scheme with minimum 8% Interest rate per year.
  19. BHIM app is launched to facilitate cashless transactions for both rural and urban people.
  20. Elections are burden to the nation and it is time to decide on conducting both General and assembly elections at a go.
  21. New year is a new beginning let us work together with ambition to build a great nation.

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