Itihaasa Research and Digital launched by Kris Gopalakrishnan


‘Kris’ Gopalakrishnan, co-founder Infosys and Chairman Axilor Ventures, today announced the launch of itihaasa Research and Digital. It is a first-of-its-kind company to research contemporary topics of relevance to the IT industry. Present on the occasion were S. Ramadorai – former Vice Chairman of TCS, Ashank Desai – founder and former Chairman of Mastek Limited, Harish Mehta – Founder of Onward Technologies Ltd and Professor Deepak Phatak (Professor of Computer Science, IIT Bombay).

This is a digital museum app that recounts the history of Indian IT since the 1950s has led to the launch of itihaasa Research and Digital. The Company will lead initiatives to partner with researchers in top notch universities in India and across the world to research the evolution and impact of the IT industry in India.

itihaasa history of Indian IT highlights:

  • Close to 8000 downloads since launch
  • 600 short videos, over 37 hours of footage, 350 archived photographs and articles
  • Easy browsing with 12000 tags. Users can personalize stories on six dimensions-Time, People, Organization, Policy, Technical Terms and Place
  • Find answers to questions like – When was programming first taught in India? How did education in computer science evolve? How did India embark on a journey to manufacture computers and software? Who were the earliest IT entrepreneurs-and much more
  • Discover the milestones of each decade and how it changed the Indian IT space forever
  • Conceptualized by Kris Gopalakrishnan as a digital museum and a mobile app to track business history using research-based interviews and supported by Krishnan Narayanan and Dr. N. Dayasindhu.  Kris continues to be itihaasa’s patron
  • Available for free download on iOS and Android phones or tablets

Kris Gopalakrishnan, co-founder Infosys and Chairman Axilor Ventures, said, “itihaasa history of Indian IT, our first project, was to relate the incredible story of Indian IT to many more people across the world. itihaasa unearthed hidden nuggets and insights that make for a most compelling digital museum. I thank each one of the 44 leaders who graciously agreed to be a part of this initiative. Without their unstinting cooperation, this story would never have been told.”

“Based on the success of itihaasa: history of Indian IT research, I am establishing itihaasa Research and Digital, a Not for Profit Company, to research contemporary history of Indian IT and emerging IT trends in modern India. The objective of itihaasa’s research is to enhance our understanding of the evolution of Indian IT, its impact, and future trajectories. We will partner with top notch researchers and universities, research organizations, industry associations -in India and across the world – to achieve our objective. I believe that this research is important for India to further enhance her position as a world leader in IT.”

History was not an interesting topic in school but when IT is involved it picked by all ages. We recently published Kundali of Kris Gopalakrishnan and this initiative supports it.

Read more about Itihaasa digital museum.

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