Pay on delivery: IRCTC will deliver your online train tickets home

What was one of the most requested features by Indian travelers, has been launched by the Indian railways. IRCTC now launched a service called ‘Pay on delivery’ and it is exactly as it sounds. Through this service, a person can book a railway ticket online and get it delivered to his home before the journey.

The service is very easy to choose from the online ticket form. Once all the details have been filled in the form on the IRCTC page users will get an option to check ‘Pay on delivery’. Checking this option will ensure that the tickets are sent to the users home address which has to be provided in the IRCTC account beforehand. This has also eliminated the use of online transaction which is still not used by many people. Through this method, the user can pay when tickets are delivered to his home through a card or in cash.

This has been an ongoing problem that the travelers are facing for some years now. Many times people couldn’t book their tickets due to some problem in the online transaction and due to the traffic on the website. With this new service, the Indian Railways intends to eliminate all those problems and create a smooth process for its users.

Online ticket booking was also very problematic for Indian people as most of them didn’t have a debit card or credit card to complete the process. Due to this people had to visit the railway stations in order to book a ticket which is not only time consuming but also hectic since ticket counters have a very big line given the number of travelers we have in India on a daily basis.

This service will also curb the nuisance created by agents who often charge way more than the actual price and have been known to dupe customers. In the beginning, this service is available in 600 major cities across India. The service charge is Rs90/-  for Rs5000/- ticket and Rs120/- for more than that. Also, refusal to take tickets is against the law so it should be kept in mind.

Pay on delivery: IRCTC will deliver your online train tickets home
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