Infosys Invests aggressively in startups

Infosys has invested over $60 M in startups out of its $500 M from company’s innovation funds. The company invests in innovative startup in the categories of Machine Learning, Big data, Internet of Things (IoT), AI (artificial Intelligence), infrastructure, cloud spaces etc.

Back in 2013, the company invested $100 M in startups, which reportedly increased the investment to $500 M in 2015. Mr.Vishal Sikka, CEO of Infosys said “The start-up world is incredibly exciting. We have been investing in companies there. We have been bringing these companies to our clients and the result is unexceptional.” As per now the company has invested about $62.18 M in the startups.

Below are the startups which are invested by Infosys:

IdeaForge – The startup develops unmanned aerial vehicles for Indian Armed Forces. They develop advanced UAV’s with cutting edge technology. Infosys invested around $10 M of Series A funding in December 2016.

Unsilo- It is an online service offering tools that help researchers and IP professionals search patents and academic papers. Infosys invested around $2M on this Danish startup in November 2016.

Whoop-This company develops performance optimization device that helps elite athletes and teams. WHOOP provides athletes a continuous understanding of strain and recovery to balance training, reduce injuries, and predict performance. Infosys invested series B funding of $3 M in December 2016.

NOVA- The startup develops API’s to create film quality images and videos for advertising. Infosys invested an undisclosed amount of series A funding in the startup.

WaterLine Data­- Waterline Data Inventory builds a complete inventory of Hadoop data, automatically and securely. They provide easy data self-service. Infosys invested series B funding of $16M in January 2016.

The other startups which are invested by Infosys include Stellaris Venture Partners, Trifacta, Cloudyn, Airviz Speck and TidalScale. They expect the new investments to contribute $1.5 B in the next 3-5 years. The multinational mega-corp has set a target to reach $20 Billion revenue by 2020. Read Startup News.

Infosys Invests aggressively in startups
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