Whistle News a marketplace to sell secrets to media

Whistle News

IndianCEO partners with world’s first Whistle Blower marketplace Whistle News. Whistle News is a marketplace for whistle blowers,who plays the most important role for any media company.Media is the voice of people. People are aware of the good, bad, and ugly in this world thanks to media. For this to happen we try various methods and means to publish facts. Apart from our effort, we also need the help of whistle blowers to write the truth.

What is Whistle Blower marketplace? Whistle Blower marketplace is a exchange platform for whistle blowers and media companies where whistle blowers are rewarded by media companies for exclusive news. This is just like an eCommerce marketplace where secrets are traded.

Who are Whistle Blowers? These are people who give news about internal developments in their organization or community. Recently we got a tip about HealthKart sending a stone. Thanks to the story Shashank got his refund within no time. Similarly we are looking for more such people through Whistle News who will share facts with us, so that we can share it with the world.

Whats is it for Whistle Blowers? Whistle News will not give out the name of the Whistle Blowers and gives them a suitable and satisfying reward based on the story. As a media entity we write about startups, innovations, technology and truth. Truth is tough to get; we are taking the help of this marketplace to put the truth out in the digital world. Visit to submit your legitimate news for a reward.Together with Whistle News we can make this world a better place.

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