Rose International and IT staffing is in news these days. The company’s Indo-American CEO, Himanshu Bhatia has been given orders to pay her domestic workers a sum of $ 135K. According to the obligations laid by the observations of Labor Department, she did not make sufficient payments and even treated her live-in domestic worker very badly.

This case was filed by the US Labor department in the month Of August 2016 and the final judgment came on April 11, 2017.

According to the investigations of the Wage and Hour division of the Labor Department, Himanshu Bhatia willingly paid less and intentionally violated the labor wages’ law set by the federal government. The same things went on from July 2012 to year ending 2014, December 2014.

As per the complaint registered by the Domestic worker of Ms. Bhatia, she paid fixed salary of $400 excluding food and living area for the service worker. She looked after her houses in San Juan Capistrano and houses at other locations like Long Beach, Miami, and Las Vegas.

From the information collected by the investigators, Sheela Ningwal, Domestic service worker at Ms. Bhatia’s house had to go through harsh abusing that includes

  • She was asked to sleep on a small carpet inside the garage when Sheela wasn’t feeling well.
  • Her carpet was so close to the carpet where dogs used to sleep.
  • Bhatia forcefully took away passport of Sheela Ningwal.
  • Her harsh abusing tortured her to a considerable extent
  • When was Sheela terminated?

When was Sheela terminated?

  • Sheela was terminated by Ms. Bhatia when Sheela started looking for the labor laws from online sources and Ms. Bhatia got the information about it.
  • When Ms. Bhatia asked Sheela to sign a document where Ms. Bhatia had written that she was giving optimized salary to her.
  • Not only this, in that document Ms. Bhatia asked her to sign a place where she had written that Sheela was facing no dispute with the current employment.

After this case, Labor department has become strict and assured labors that legal actions will be taken against the employers who fail to give adequate salary and appropriate work environment to the domestic workers.


“Mrs. Bhatia reached a settlement agreement to resolve the complaint brought by the Department of Labor regarding a former employee. Mrs. Bhatia firmly denies all of the claims made by the Department regarding the employee. The Bhatias chose to enter into this settlement agreement to resolve a matter for far less than the cost of continuing litigation. Mrs. Bhatia will continue to focus her efforts on business, community development and her family.”


Indian-American CEO might have to pay $135K to former domestic worker
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