HP planning for 3D printer launch by Q1 2018

Current landscape of Innovation and need of 3D Printers-

Govt of India opened up Atul Innovation Lab program couple of years ago. The purpose of the program is to kindle innovation at student level both in college and schools. The Atul tinkering Lab program was adapted well and a couple of waves to onboarding schools, Incubation centers and colleges have taken place.

GOI Innovation Mission

Having sales of 3D printer and support system during the early stage of Innovation, would have helped vendors to get more inroads. HP woke up (at last) to the great opportunity to make the sale of 3D printers in India.

Labs to support innovation at schools

But, better late than never. The Healthcare and automotive industry need a lot of niches and small-time player to innovate on the components. Having a 3D printer being part of the arsenal is going to be of immense help. The HP planning a market launch by 1st quarter 2018 will be able to make good inroads in those segments.
HP is planning to make it as part of the Jet infusion product range. The HP India MD Mr. Sumeer Chandra quoted ” The HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution will deliver superior quality physical parts up to 10 times faster and at half the cost of current 3D print systems,”

HPQ Multijet printer

HP India is pushing not just for printer sales but also holistic solutions. The printer and support of 3D printers in India will create new business model to emerge. The Printo solutions that offer desktop publishing can now provide 3D printing capabilities. The combination of one stop solution to provide both 3D imaging and creation of prototype in places like Printo will enable SME and startups to leverage the full stack solutions.
HP printer sales and services capability in India will enable high support in both education segment and full stack solution providers.

HP planning for 3D printer launch by Q1 2018
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