Google Drive is down in India ?

Google’s own document management and file storage service Google Drive is down since last 3 hours.

I have been trying to access google drive from the last few hours and for some reason, I am not able to access the same. I am able to access all the services except Drive.

There is no official message from google on this. Generally, they publish the down time information on twitter.

Google Drive has been constantly undergoing downtime for the last few months.

Drive is most popular among Gmail user where they store their personal files for free.  For companies, many google app users use it as document collaboration tool and office applications.

I have some urgent work to finish and this is unfortunate that I am not able to access some important files.

Recent Downtimes.

  • 6 July: Problems at Google Drive 
  • 27 June: Problems at Google Drive 
  • 22 June: Problems at Google Drive 

Most reported problems:

  • App not loading (44%)
  • Can’t access files online (44%)
  • File synching (12%)

When can DownTime happen?

  1. DDOS attack
  2. During server migration
  3. During Application New release
  4. Network failure at Google cloud data center
  5. DNS outrage

Do comment if you are also going through the same issue.

Google Drive is down in India ?

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