Get My Job Cheats 5000 Students by Promising off campus Job Mela

Get My Job a fake services job site which scammed over 5000 Students in Hyderabad. On Sunday, over 5000 unemployed youth were cheated by offering job interviews.

A company called Adwiteeya Shreya Foundation gave an advertisement for an Off-Campus Job-Mela, which will be held at Little Flower Junior College, Uppal, Hyderabad on Sunday between 8.30 am and 6 pm. The foundation claimed that more than 40 MNC companies from different sectors in IT, non-IT, Tech Support, BPO, KPO, Finance, and Marketing will be there for spot recruitment. The students were asked to pay Rs.200 as registration fee for the interviews at

On their website, they have mentioned names of all the top companies like Flipkart, TCS, Infosys, Amazon etc to create more interest.

The students who came for the job meal were shocked to know that they were cheated as there were no companies, who could interview them. Agitated youth has destroyed furniture and created chaos on the road leading to the traffic jam. The police officials pacified protesting youth.

When interrogated by the Little Flower College authorities, they imputed that they have nothing to do with the Consultancy. Off late these kinds of companies are using social media to bait the job seekers and mint money from them. Most of the people who paid them have come to know about this via Facebook and friends.

Santosh a passed out said “This is not the first time we got fooled like this, every job agency we go will see some kind of registration money and never help”

The college management called the police and filed a case against Get My Job and took up the investigation. The number provided by the Consultant(9032427067) was repeatedly showing switched off and has no clear information about the website address except Hyderabad.

The Police relieved the crowd by advising them not to believe such advertisements and get cheated. They also assured that the people responsible for this scam will be caught and will be strictly punished. Read more scam news 

Get My Job Cheats 5000 Students by Promising off campus Job Mela
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