Freedom 251

Freedom 251 – A Falls Attempt or A Fully-Planned Scam?

Before making any such note, I would like to admit that I am also one of them who has made an attempt to order Freedom 251. Luckily, my payment wasn’t succeeded. But what about those who visit once a day to the showroom or Google for getting such information about its arrival in the market. No matters how much money a person waste on unnecessary products but when someone cheats them even for 100 Rupees it’s hard to get over that incident. Looks like, millions of people are going to have that same feeling as recent reports have confirmed about resigning of managing director of the Noida-Based Ringing Bells, the company which launched the Freedom 251.

Mohit Goel, the managing director of Ringing Bells and the person who actually thought of bringing this chipset smartphone to the market, has quit and so has his wife, Dharma Goel, from the directorship of the company. Its sector 62 office in Noida has been shut for 2 weeks now and dealers of the company seem to have clueless about its plans. Also, the dealers don’t know what reply they will give to customers who had deposited INR 251 for acquiring the phones.

According to the reports, Devdutta Malhotra, another dealer in Ghaziabad said that Goel owes him INR 16 Lakh. He added, “Initially he owed me Rs 25 lakh of which he returned some part claiming that he would pay the remaining amount in sometime. However, now we hear that the company has been dissolved and a new company named MDM has been formed by the founders of the Ringing Bells.”

Recently, it is reported that owners of the Ringing Bell were summoned by a Delhi court over a cheque bounce case filed by a private firm Aryan Infratech Pvt. Ltd. A cheque worth INR 2 Crore issued by the company to the private firm had bounced due to ‘insufficient fund’. More recently, Mohit Goel was also in news for starting a venture called MDM Electronics. It was reportedly formed into a legal corporation on December 7 with a share capital of INR 25 lakh and paid up capital of INR 20 lakh.

Ringing Bells, however, slammed the reports and issued a statement claiming that they were “very much in the market and operating as earlier”. According to their statement, they had delivered 5000 handsets in July and making all effort to deliver 65,000 more Freedom 251 Smartphones in states like Haryana, West Bengal, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Bihar, New Delhi, Punjab, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, J&K, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

There are some more issues with this phone came soon after the phone introduced to the marker for the first time. According to some reports, the sample unit of Freedom 251 was received by Hindustan Times and what they found, the phone was apparently a device of Adcom, a Delhi-based firm known for Chinese rebranded phones. There’s whitener used on the handset to cover up the company’s real logo. Besides, journalists who visited the Ringing Bell’s listed office address found it deserted.

Well, there is also a reason like a site crashed, copied features, broken promises and many others that enough to prove everything fishy about this phone. I heard somewhere that “Hope never Dies” and it can be clearly seen among the people for this phone, let’s see how far will it take to them. Read more about Indian Startup Scams.

Freedom 251 – A Falls Attempt or A Fully-Planned Scam?
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1 Comment


    January 12, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    Thousands of peoples were booked the mobile by paying Rs. 550/-, (Rs. 1050/- & Rs. 2050/-) with the assurance of the company that the mobile will be delivered by December 2016. But in the middle of November 2016, Ringingb simply shut down his contacts and escaped by collecting crores of money.
    How we will get return of the money or mobile.
    Please guide us. It is very useful, thankful to you.
    With regards,

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