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Food Delivery Startup Runnr launches Runnr Meals for corporates

Runnr is running towards their goal by partnering to corporates. This food delivery startup today announced the launch of their product Runnr Meals that delivers personalized meal boxes to corporates only. Recently Runnr hired top guns in their team, while TinyOwl founders leave. This could be a new initiative thanks to the recruited top guns.

This new product understands the user food ordering pattern and provides personalized options to users to create a lunch box. Orders before 12.30pm are delivered at free of cost, and the expected delivery is claimed to be between 1 and 1.30pm. To make this meal box option a success Runnr tells media that they have teamed up with a number of nutritionists to design lunch specific meals. To suit their requirements, Runnr has partner with few handpicked restaurants.  Read food delivery startups losing restaurants.

Speaking on the need for such a product, Mohit Kumar, Co-founder and CEO, Runnr, says “We at Runnr understand that ordering lunch every day in office can be a cumbersome task. In an attempt to provide employees a full course meal while making their ordering decision simpler we have launched Runnr Meals. This feature allows employees to enjoy exclusively curated meals in different types of cuisines which helps restaurants sell more dishes. All in all, Runnr Meals has proven to be a profitable business model for everybody involved”.

The most surprising part of this product is the cost. The lunch boxes costs as low as Rs 70. Corporate employees can order these meals than picking up meals from the office canteen that will little above this cost. Apart from this, coupons are applicable for meals, and it will be a cashless transaction.

Reuben Ashish David, an employee of UK based MNC (Office in Bengaluru) says that Rs 70 for a meal is reasonable, since canteens in corporates have meals starting from Rs 100. The only concern he has with this new product is the delivery timelines of the meals and the quality. If both are satisfactory he would choose Runnr over the canteen.

Runnr food ordering app is currently live in Bengaluru and Mumbai. There is no minimum order size and the app offers live tracking of delivery. They are competiting in this industry with Foodpanda, and Swiggy, who do not have such a product. Read more Startup News.

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Food Delivery Startup Runnr launches Runnr Meals for corporates
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