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Costly brew, to help startups to make the most out of the first flush

India is the largest producer of the tea after China and a large consumer as well consuming 70% of the tea itself. The tea of Assam and Darjeeling are the most famous among all other Indian teas. Darjeeling is famous for yielding the most prized tea in the world. The reason, that makes it so prized, is the bumpy geography of Darjeeling. Darjeeling provides a variety of teas like white tea, oolong, black and green tea.

The first flush is the harvesting of tea in the season of spring that generally lasts in April. During this time, the tea leaves are picked. These leaves are very delicate, light and greenish in color. Its quality of being less oxidized, during its processing for preserving its original spring leaf flavor, makes it more expensive and exclusive.

So this is the time of First Flush as the spring has just arrived. This season, occasional snowing in the hills of Darjeeling has hiked the prices of tea. The temperature increasing has also been a problem this season that makes the situation worse as the tea plants require an adequate amount of humidity and chill in the weather.

According to Indian Tea Association statistics, the First Flush tea contributes 35% of the total value and 20% of the annual production. Tea Board of India states that about 10 million kilograms of tea are grown every year over 17,500 hectares of land in 87 gardens of Darjeeling. Last year in April-September, the total tea exports from India was 101.04 kg that valued at US$ 306.9 million in which Egypt has been the largest market. According to the exporters, First Flush tea of Darjeeling is 20 to 40% more expensive this season.

Due to this increase in prices, India’s leading tea start-ups are looking forward to taking the advantage of the situation by increasing their market shares. The brands like Teabox, Tpot, Vahdam Teas and Teamonk are trying to attract more customers, as this season First Flush tea can be the most profitable market for them. Every year, the tea market of India attracts the customers from different countries like Japan, UAE, Egypt, Bangladesh, Iran, Singapore, USA, Poland, Germany, Ireland and so on.

Costly brew, to help startups to make the most out of the first flush
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