Congress conducts survey on job losses after demonetization

Ever since PM Modi announced the demonetization move on November 8th, 2016, the opposition parties in India, led by the Congress have been keen on scrutinizing the move. Recently, the Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi planned an all India opposition parties’ summit which was only attended by the West Bengal CM, Mamta Banerjee. Following its trend of scrutinizing the demonetization move, Congress is conducting a survey across the country to figure out the number of people who lost their jobs after the demonetization move. “Party has told all its district presidents across the country to collect information about the jobs lost due to demonetization”, former Delhi minister and Congress leader, Arvinder Singh Lovely told. Lovely is reviewing Congress’s proposed nationwide agitation on January 6th against demonetization. “Along with the job lost, the party’s district chiefs and leaders will also gather information about various problems being faced by people because of this move”, Lovely said. He told that the Congress will hold a conference of its leaders in Delhi on January 11th. Read more on Demonetization

Lovely said that the ruling BJP party is not only imposing limits on the amount of money that can be withdrawn by people but is also advising them on how to spend their money. “This is an attack on the people’s freedom provided by the Constitution. The Centre is telling people how to spend their money”, Lovely said. Lovely alleged that the ruling BJP government has handed over the control of Indian economy to Chinese companies involved in the digital transactions business. “Before Diwali, they were giving a call to boycott Chinese crackers. Now, they are handing over the control of Indian economy to Chinese digital companies”, Lovely said. Lovely told that the demonetization move had already been tried out by many countries before and that it had failed to achieve its objectives. He further added that the demonetization move in India would only cause a long – term economic slump. MP Congress Committee Chief, Arun Yadav said that the Congress party would hold programs throughout India to create awareness about the drawbacks of the demonetization move throughout the month of January. “We have scheduled programs throughout the month of January. The party leaders would go to public and hold interactions, launch mass contact programs among others to raise awareness among them on the issue”, Lovely said.

The Congress during their term between 2009 to 2014 did not even try to eradicate corruption in India because the Congress leaders were corrupt themselves and had crores of black money and black properties. India witnessed scam after scam during their regime. The most notorious ones are the 2G, Coal Gate and Aadhar scam in which lakhs of crores of money were looted. Any corruption made by Congress’s allies was blamed by the Congress on the difficulties of running a coalition government. Rahul Gandhi had prior to this, accused PM Modi of taking bribes based on the diary written by the Indian businessman, Sahara, which the Supreme Court itself had formerly dismissed as not being proof enough (concrete proof). Clearly Rahul Gandhi is immature to be Congress vice president, or for that matter even to be in politics because he is unaware of the scams made by his own party workers (Sheela Dixit’s name was there in Sahara’s diary as well). The demonetization move has been successful so far with over Rs. 15 lakh crores of black money being deposited in banks. There will even be a scheme launched to curb black property soon. This will especially be an eye – opener to those people who think they have outsmarted the government by converting their black money to black property. Once the black money returns to the mainstream economy, it will lead to increased wealth with the people of India, more job opportunities and better standards of living for the people of India. This is no doubt a brilliant move by PM Modi and I request all of our dear readers to continue giving their support for the move. Jai Hind! Read more on Startup News

Congress conducts survey on job losses after demonetization
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1 Comment

  1. Jigs

    January 4, 2017 at 6:48 pm

    Congress sole motive is to criticize Modi and his initiative. Looks like they have shut their mind to think productive. The party is going towards hell and will soon show hell to it’s supporter as well. They are getting what they deserved.

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