CEOs conduct an Underwater Conference to spread Awareness

To  highlight the issue of marine pollution and raise awareness, five CEOs of various IT firms held a meeting underwater on Monday. The meeting took place at a beach resort in Kovalam, Kerala.

It was a first in kind meeting to be held, where the participants armed with their diving gear, took plunge 50 meters off the shore into the water and tried to spread a message of protecting marine life not only in India but also around the globe. The meeting lasted for around 20 minutes. The conference was titled ‘Ocean Love, and was attended by Raja Gopal Iyer (Udaya Samudra Group of Hotels), Hema Menon (UST Global), Dinesh P Thampi (TCS), Dr Shyam Kumar (Neologix) and Rony Thomas (Avon Mobility Solutions).

The conference comes after recent global reports which found seas of Mumbai, Kerala, and Andaman to be one of the most polluted seas around the world. According to Raja Gopal Iyer, CEO of Uday Samudra Group who spearheaded the Event Sea pollution is rising at an alarming level. Our endeavour is to make the public aware of the dangers posed by littering especially the unscientific disposal of plastic and other non decomposable wastes.

Other than the pledges, discussions were also held on other topics such as adverse human impact on oceans, over fishing, pollution, habitat destruction, acidification and climate changes. The meeting not only demanded attention from Indian community but also from international community regarding global warming and marine population.

A recent report of the World Economic Forum suggested that at least 12.7 metric tons of plastic gets collected in the sea each year. Alarmingly, the report suggests at this rate the sea will contain more plastic than fish by 2050. Every year this very same plastic waste ends up in the sea, killing seabirds, turtles, seals and other marine mammals that ingest the plastic debris.

Kovalam , one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India has been registering an alarming increase in pollution so to encounter the same, it was carefully chosen as the destination for this unique conference. let’s see if this CEOs special underwater conference brings about a difference?


CEOs conduct an Underwater Conference to spread Awareness
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