CabMe will create revolution in intercity cab travel industry

While a heave battle for the fruitful intra-city on-demand cab booking business games out across the nation. Intercity cab services, a service that Ola-Uber tried their hand on, yet this is largely wholesome unkempt and disintegrated business. Other startups like Taxi guide, Savaari have never pitched follow-on funding for a while. Uber’s business model depends on being the middleman between the taxi driver and the rider and managing transaction on the app. Doing this Uber has scaled globally to 67 countries and 360 cites, taking on governments and taxi unions around the world.

Before Uber arrived in India, there was another company was able to implement a similar model here and today Ola is one of the most well-funded tech startups in India. Ola-Uber stack up against each other in different ways – by the number of cabs, cheaper fares and global presence. Bountiful cab service related startups are trying to pitch in. CabMe is one amongst them, probably the best in the new comers and aspires to out beat the biggies Ola and Uber in the near future.

CabMe started in Pilani. The engineering students with inspiring entrepreneurial mind sets, the BITSIANS stepped forward with an amazing idea keeping all instances and introduced in the giant competitive industry with the crew followed by 20. The idea put forward as a startup and implementation held successfully in other four markets i.e, Kharagpur, Lakshmangarh, Bhuvneshwar, and Kanpur. The fruitful work done by CabMe receiving lot more requests from these places have put forth successful of more than 100 bookings within a week. Read authored article by this startup founder.

 Bitsians are trying to fix an issue probably the biggest one faced by cab bookings now-a-days. Restring exorbitant prices to the services in a new place offering cheapest and world class amenities and also helping drivers to get great customer base. CabMe provides cabs at rates 20% less than the market rates.

“We feel the company has a potential to override Ola, we are seeing CabMe as a global company with it service in more than 10 different cities. We want to change notion of cab industry”-said by Bhaskar Adari, COO, CO-founder.

By now the young entrepreneurs reached to 1000 customers with a revenue standards of USD 30000. CabMe is aspiring to have more than 10,000,000 customers within 6 months targeting the revenue goal more than USD 1 billion. More over CabMe priorities are on best and safe service.

As a startup CabMe won multiple awards, BEST SCALABILITY AWARD at startup Utsav Hyderabad, BEST STARTUP AWARD at Sandbox startups. Sandbox Startups for Global Incubation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship helps entrepreneurs turn ideas into viable businesses to build great companies. Won 5lacs cash prize and got best incubation.

 A part from these all, these idea pitching young Bitsians selected in one of the best accelerating network creating  optimistic start ,“ESPARK-VIRIDIAN”- a sector agnostic accelerator for early and growth stage Startups.

 Sharing makes travel even more cheaply with a single call center set up in Bangalore, CabMe is trying to bring the complete cab industry in India. A one stop solution for intercity travel – CabMe. These includes all local packages of Cabs, buses and holiday trips this inventory ideas makes CabMe unique.

“Young minds can be the solution for all typical perspectives”-The marketing strategy of these Bitsians targets both online and offline customers this will regard a better service. And targeting two types of customers one is college market and intercity market both can be synchronized with a best affordable prizes and service. The CabMe app is going to release with all new expectations grandly.

CabMe is setting to the doors of the customers, thus covering 95% market which is not being focused or target by any other cab service startup with 1500+ booking in past 6 months, 85% of our customers are returning back to us. Read more Startup News.

CabMe will soon start rendering its services in 38 cites. The team strategies merely targeting the wholesome students, who face troubles in acquiring train tickets or bus tickets to travel back home. “Cab travel won’t be expensive affair. The best part is that you can customize your travel…like choose the road you want to travel, choose whom you want to share your cab with and post your experience on the webpage…all this without burning a hole in your pocket.” – Confident spectacular words by Reddy kumara Simha, CEO.

*Note-This article is written by CabMe team.

CabMe will create revolution in intercity cab travel industry
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