Billionaire CEO of Patanjali forged documents for a passport

Acharya Balakrishna

Billionaire CEO of Patajali, Acharya Balakrishna had to forge documents to get passport

Acharya Balakrishna, the CEO of Patanjali has caught the limelight for becoming India’s richest person with $3.8 Billion net worth. With this good news he was also caught forging his high school degree and Sanskrit degree.

IndiaTimes reported that this 43 year old CEO forged his high school degree and Sanskrit degree – ‘Shastri’ from Sampurna Nand Sanskrit University to obtain an Indian Passport. These documents do not exist in the university records and Acharya  is charged with cheating and criminal conspiracy for procuring fake degrees.

Baba Ramdev becomes the laughing stalk

Baba Ramdev is gaining bad publicity than ever. His first brave move was in 2010, when he decided to enter politics. A year later he decides not to enter. In 2014 also he announced his debut in politics, but later decided to side with current Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He becomes a launching stalk.

10 years back he started Patanjali with Acharya Balakrishna (who owns 94% stake), that generates monthly revenue of around 70+ Million USD. Patanjali family celebrates Acharya’s birthday, 4th August as ‘Jadi Booti Divas’ and Ramdev Baba describes him as a great scholar of ayurveda, Sanskrit language and Vedas. Ramdev baba has again become the talk of the town due to this statement.

According to Business Standard Aacharya has been pulled by CBI for money laundering, documents forging and owning fire arm without a permit. Why is Archarya still running a billion dollar company for his crimes? This can be answered only by NDA or the current government.

Definitely Patanjali has created a big name in the FMCG market in a short span of time, but their CEO is not appreciated. Acharya has to answer for the allegations!

India will soon see dooms day if such Indian CEOs run the show.

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