back2basics celebrates the spirit of friendship this Friendship Day


Back2Basics promotes healthy lifestyle amongst middle aged people

Embracing the ethos of friendship this Friendship Day,  back2basics farm, a unique Bengaluru-based farm-to-fork startup that supplies organic produce direct from its own farms, has launched a unique campaign. The campaign allows middle-aged individuals to gift each other a basket full of organic fruits, vegetables and greens, along with a note which wishes them to be healthy, all the year round.

Speaking about the campaign, advertising and marketing veteran, Mr. Srinivasan Madhusudhan – Chief Farmer, back2basics farm, commented, “The campaign kicks off with celebrations around Friendship Day whereby the company encourages middle aged individuals to gift each other baskets containing organic fruits and vegetables. This unique first-of-its-kind Friendship Day campaign not only upholds the very essence of friendship but also seeks to promote a healthier livelihood amongst people who are in their middle ages.”

The company was formed out of the unavailability of hygienic, natural and fresh produce in the market and the health risks it poses to consumers. This unique organic farm boasts of many local and exotic varieties of fruits, vegetables and greens which are grown using world-class techniques and chemical-free inputs. The company also introduced the concept of experiential farming for consumers to visit their farms, learn about the organic inputs used and even pick their own produce. It has many farms in and around Bangalore, spread across around 200 acres.

About bak2basics farm:

Started in the year 2011, is the brain child of Mr. Madhusudhan, who is a veteran in the marketing and advertising industry. Present only in Bangalore, back2basics is an organic farming startup and have farms spread across close to two hundred acres around Bangalore. back2basics produces over 90 varieties of local and exotic fruits, vegetables and greens, grown using world-class techniques and chemical-free inputs. Their objective is to encourage healthy eating among consumers and provide the best of chemical free organic produce. back2basics currently exports produce to many parts of the world and also supplies to many reputed grocery chains, retailers and organic stores in Bangalore. In early 2016, back2basics launched its home delivery service throughout Bangalore, with the primary goal of delivering 100% chemical-free produce directly to the end consumer, as fresh as picking from their own kitchen garden.

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