Appreciations for PM Narendra Modi on demonetization

Ever since PM Narendra Modi made the announcement on November 8th, 2016 that Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes would not be legal tender from that day forth, there has been a mixed response to the demonetization move from the people of India. Some have adored and embraced the move, others have said that the idea is good while the implementation is pathetic and few others have stated that the move has caused nothing but chaos and delays to the people. The critics of the move have also stated that this move will not be effective in retrieving black property and black money stashed abroad. But the observed trend is that many more people have embraced the move than people who have criticized it. As a shot in the arm for PM Narendra Modi, recently, quite a few noted personalities have praised the move. Read more on Demonetization Here are their quotes:

  • Bill Gates: “I have seen many leaders failing to perform under pressure, but PM Narendra Modi is perhaps the only leader I’ve come across who’s unaffected under pressure”.
  • Jim Young Kim, World Bank Chairman: “I am all praise for the Indian PM, the steps he has taken, will bolster the economy and growth rate”.
  • Philip Kotler, renowned marketing personality: “In my career, I have taught people various marketing theories, but I can’t teach marketing skills to Narendra Modi, he knows everything”.
  • Louise Richardson, Vice Chancellor at Oxford University: “If there’s anybody who can teach you better management skills than us, it’s the Indian PM. You should listen to his speeches often”.

Prior to the demonetization move, there had been quite a few Bollywood movies released, which showed that black money is present in large amounts in India and suggested a few ideas to retrieve black money. For example, in the Tamil movie, Shivaji, starring Rajni Kanth, the idea of beating every politician’s drivers or servants was given. It was said that every politician’s drivers or servants knew how much black money their masters had and where they had stashed them. It was explained how black money was made by people who hid their true incomes from the government of India and showed a far lesser amount to be their income and thereby paid less tax. The difference between the tax amounts to be paid and which they had actually paid was the amount of black money which was with them. Drivers or servants who had honestly revealed how much black money their master had and where he or she had stashed it were left alone after they registered in a record book while drivers or servants who did not want to reveal the truth, were called inside an office room. They were under the impression that they would be given some amount of bribe to reveal their master’s secrets but they were beaten up by goons who had changed their minds to work for Shivaji (Rajni Kanth) for some amount of pay. The beaten drivers or servants had no choice but to reveal their master’s secrets on black money.

Another Tamil movie was Anniyan where this character called Anniyan beats up every one whom he sees, cheating the government. For instance, he tried to beat up his girlfriend Nandini, after she did not reveal the true value of her house and paid a lesser amount as property tax. She was later saved by a group of people who were learning Karate at an institution nearby. Another Tamil movie was Ramanaa where star Vijay Kanth (Ramanaa) sets up an ACF (Anti-Corruption Force) to track down and shoot politicians who had black money.

To conclude, I would say that, though there have been many Bollywood movies released which showed that black money is present in large amounts in India, how people make black money and suggested ideas to retrieve them, none of them showed any practical ideas on how black money could be retrieved. They were all far – fetched or fictious ideas. The demonetization move made by PM Narendra Modi led BJP government is a very practical move and a truly brilliant idea. PM Narendra Modi’s government will also implement a scheme called EPPB to curb black property soon. Since the demonetization move is highly practical and full of good intent, I request all of our dear readers to give their full support and extend their co – operation for the move and PM Narendra Modi. Read more on Startup News

Appreciations for PM Narendra Modi on demonetization
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