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How come Amma’s death was mourned peacefully this time?

Have you all noticed something different and unforeseen during Amma’s funeral this time? I’m not talking about the embalming mark on her left cheek. The difference is that, this time, the death of a famous political leader and former actress, singer and dancer was mourned peacefully, without any reports of outbreak of violence, except in a few isolated areas, by the people of Tamil Nadu. There was no state – wide self – immolation, burning of public and private busses, damaging of public property, showrooms, shops etcetera, curfew or suicide attempts. So how come a major event like the death of a famous politician and former actress, singer and dancer was mourned so peacefully this time when there were wide – spread instances of violence, both in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, during the Cauvery row that happened between August and September this year (2016)? Read more on Jayalalithaa

Some people say that the police of Tamil Nadu did a good job in maintaining peace and order during the event; some people say that due to the delay in announcement of the news of Amma’s death, there was enough time for people’s anger and sorrow to subside and some people say that people have become educated enough not to indulge in such lowly acts (I wish this were true). But the actual reason is the effectiveness of PM Narendra Modi’s recent move, #Demonetization. No politician, mafia or anti – social element had enough legal currency notes to fund riots or violence. The black money (or filthy cash as I call it) that was with them was neutralized by the demonetization move. Almost every riot in India’s history was funded by politicians, mafias or anti – social elements to satisfy someone’s ego or to enable them get free items (like fridge, TV, laptops, grinder, bed, cooker etcetera) and money by means of vandalism.

People, post demonetization, have become busy in withdrawing Rs. 2000 from ATMs and banks to serve their families and themselves. Their time is spent in waiting in long queues outside ATMs and/or banks to withdraw and/or exchange money. They do not have the time or money to burn buses or vandalize public property for corrupt politicians or mafias or anti – social elements. Just like suicide – bombers get recruited in exchange for cash to their poor families, people who self – immolate, who indulge in vandalism and people who burn buses and damage public property also are appointed by some person (vile minded person) in exchange for cash to their poor families. So far, despite the inconveniences caused by demonetization, thousands of innocent people’s lives have been saved from riots and public property throughout India has been saved from destruction. Demonetization is absolutely a brilliant move and a master stroke taken by PM Narendra Modi. Hats off to him for the courage and wit shown in tackling corruption. Request all of our dear readers to continue giving their support to demonetization as the fruits of the move are already being seenRead more on Startup News

How come Amma’s death was mourned peacefully this time?
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