Amazon to provide its ‘Launchpad’ program for Indian startups

With a view to promote the startups in India and to support PM Modi led BJP Government’s ‘Startup India Standup India’ scheme, the global e – commerce giant, Amazon has launched its ‘Launchpad’ program in India as well. Currently this program is being provided in the US, UK, France, Germany, China and Mexico. The ‘Launchpad’ program will provide a platform for Indian start – ups to launch, market and distribute their products to the e- commerce giant’s 300 million users. India is the seventh country where the e- commerce giant has launched this initiative. Amazon will host product listings and advertisements for Indian startups at Rs. 5000 per month. Read more on Startup India Standup India

Amit Agarwal, VP and Country Head at Amazon said, “By bringing Amazon Launchpad to India, we are excited to support the government’s ‘Start-up India’ initiative and encourage innovation from the Indian start-up community. We hope that Amazon Launchpad has a positive impact on the economy by further promoting ‘Make in India’, adding further impetus to the current interest in Indian start-ups and also creating additional employment opportunities”. Jason Feldman, Director of Global Innovations at Amazon said, “Amazon Launchpad is an exceptional opportunity for Indian start-ups to get access to big consumer markets nationally and internationally. Through this program small entrepreneurs and innovators can leverage the e – commerce giant’s platform to increase the scale of their businesses and even get easy access to global markets. With Launchpad, we hope to augment the innovation culture in the Indian youth”.

Amazon Launchpad will allow start-ups and entrepreneurs access to custom pages where startups can advertise their products through photos and videos. In this way, the e – commerce giant will provide marketing support to startups so that customers can become aware of their brands. Through this program, Amazon hopes to help startups overcome the challenges associated with launching a new product. Dr. R Chandrashekhar, President of NASSCOM said, “NASSCOM is very excited to support and partner with the Amazon Launchpad program in India. The timing couldn’t have been better. The nascent but promising Indian hardware/IoT product ecosystem can now fully leverage the firepower of Amazon’s distribution and marketing capabilities”. The announcement made by Amazon Launchpad comes at a time when Amazon’s business in India has experienced triple digit growth rate this year. Amazon is investing U.S. $5 million to build a logistic network to attract shoppers. Recently, in October, the firm launched its ‘Global Store for Indian customers’ enabling them to buy products it sold on its US website while paying in Indian currency.

Amazon providing its Launchpad program for Indian startups at a nominal rate of Rs. 5000 per month is heartening to see. India is one such country which has abundance of youthful talent in all domains. The youngsters in India are very talented, creative, hard – working and educated. The startups in India are full of such people. They are providing essential services to the society, but require some help in the form of funds, mentoring and platform bases in order for them to grow and become MNCs. The e – commerce giant is helping in this regard and the help that it provides to Indian startups will be mutually beneficial to both. Amazon can earn money and get some ideas form Indian startups on how to launch and market innovative products. Indian startups can also benefit from the huge platform provided by Amazon which gives them access to sell and market their products to the e- commerce giant’s 300 million customers. Read more on Startup News

Amazon to provide its ‘Launchpad’ program for Indian startups
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