AI with Retina scan to detect lifestyle diseases

Human eye macro. Conceptual image.

With advancement on Artificial Intelligence algorithm and fast response technology, Non invasive Image scan of retina can now predict Cardio and Diabetes. Google the innovators in disruptive technology, came up with a new non invasive way to detect – BP, Age, Gender, Smoking habit and Cardio disorder using scan of the eye.
This non invasive means of data capture with good data set of Image of eye (Fundus) allows the deep learning algorithm to come up with model for better prediction.

Predication of CardioVascular from Fundus

The ML algorithm were able to predict with decent accuracy on the same set. Google in collaboration with Verily’s scientist have used more than 300K samples to train the model.
Based on paper submitted by Google researchers Ryan Poplin, Avinash Varadarajan & others on “Predictions of Cardiovascular risk factors from retinal fundus photograph via deep learning”, the deep learning algorithm can be a first line of defense for preventive care in Weight management and Cardio disorders.
This will enable AI and Image service providers to leverage the model to help in screening of patients. The ability to predict based on images from Archive and also real time capture from live scanning of the patients will help in early and quick predictions.
Diabetes , one of the largest life style disease , can also be detected in Non invasive way. Aries bio-med Technology has come up with Optical based technology to detect the Glucose enzymes through light. They have passed pre clinical trial , they have developed it under the Govt of India BIRAC project and successfully completed the technical portion.

NonInvasive Glucometer

A combination of Retina scan algorithm and constant monitoring using Optho Gluco meter from Aries Biomed can help in Non invasive means of life style diseases.

AI with Retina scan to detect lifestyle diseases
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