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All you need to know about Facebook Workplace

When and why Facebook Workplace was launched: Facebook workplace was launched in early 2015. At the time of its launch, it was known as Facebook at Work. Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, noticed that Facebook was doing a good job at connecting people with their friends, relatives and family. He envisioned a version of it, which would help to connect employees of an organization as well as employees of different organizations. Thus Facebook Workplace was launched in September, 2016. Now more than a thousand organizations around the world use Facebook Workplace. Its users have so far created more than one lakh work – groups and the top countries using it are: India, USA, Norway, UK and France. “We’re amazed by the progress we’ve made and the level of adoption and engagement we’re seeing”, Mark Zuckerberg said. Workplace is not just meant to connect people working within the walls of offices. Many employees travel a lot as part of their work demands as receiving regular calls from employers or colleagues or contacting each person individually to co-ordinate a task is irritating. Hence, companies have adopted Workplace which is feature rich, company specific, secure and cost effective. It has been adopted from a shipping company that can now connect with their ship crew using live video to a bank that now uses Workplace instead of fax machines and newsletters to share updates with its employees at its various branches. Its interface has been kept similar to Facebook for the sake of ease of usability where we have features such as Live chats, Search bar, Trending posts, Analytics, Dashboard and single sign – on. READ Launch News.

Features: Some of its features include:

  • Groups: Workplace allows us to make groups in which any team member can join by permission. We can create a new post to get a discussion started, or we can share photos, videos, or documents to get feedback from the rest of the team. We can also reply to other members’ posts in a group.
  • News Feed: News Feed saves conversations from all your groups, so you’ll never miss an update or company announcement. Like the original Facebook News Feed, it’s designed to display trending posts.
  • Workchat: Workchat enables one to do one-to-one conversations with colleagues or loop in more people in a team. We can also share pictures, videos and other types of files apart from being able to chat with team members or groups.
  • Events: One can use Workplace to plan and organize a company event like announce when and where it is happening, check who is coming, etcetera.
  • Search: By typing a name or a phrase in the search bar, one can search for people or events or files in and between organizations.
  • Notifications: Workplace will notify you when you have new messages or replies on posts. You can view them by clicking on the notification just like in the original Facebook site.

Our views: Workplace is software that provides for a professional way of communication in and between organizations. It is more feature rich, secure and professional than WhatsApp or email or fax or memos. Experts say that it will make email outdated in a few years as it is an all – in – one software. For people who travel a lot as part of their work requirements, like salesmen or sailors or engineers or technicians, this software is especially useful! Rather than calling or texting each person individually to co-ordinate a task (which is irritating), employees can check for updates, share and receive files, photos and videos, chat one to one or group – chat with colleagues and managers, organize and track events and search for the information they require all at the same time! This saves a lot of time and effort for the employees. The data in Workplace does not belong to Facebook but to organizations themselves and is also encrypted using strong and tested encryption algorithms. Hence the data of any particular organization is safe! It also has a Dashboard for ease of access to all of its features, which many Facebook users are familiar with and single – logins. Thus due to familiarity with its features by Facebook users, its security, its wide range of features and its all – in – one usefulness, Workplace is a professional software which has been adopted by many MNCs and will be adopted by many more in the near future. It is the need – of – the – hour software for organizations which saves its users a lot of time and energy. We strongly recommend the use of this software for any organization. Read Startup News.

All you need to know about Facebook Workplace
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