A Beginner’s Guide to Data Science Course

The world is now in a digital space where every information or data is stored online. The need for big data storage has also grown exponentially. Earlier, when it was a challenge for businesses to store data, they focused on framing structures and finding big data storage solutions. Now, data storage has become easier with substantial frameworks like Hadoop, which has shifted the focus to processing information. Data science has been successful in implementing methods that are defining our future.

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Data science is a combination of different tools, algorithms, and principles of machine learning which aims to discover hidden patterns of raw data. It allows you to extract insights from the vast amount of structured and unstructured data.

Data science will be crucial in defining our technological future. Although the demand for data science professionals has increased over the years, the supply, however, remains short. To fulfil such future requirements, many institutions have also started offering a Data Science Course in India, which will help professionals develop the right skillset and decrease the gap of demand and supply of data science professionals.

A Data Science course in India has various components that are essential for every professional’s career growth.

Machine Learning

It involves mathematical models and algorithms which are making machines learn and adapt to everyday advancements. For instance, for stock trading and financial systems, time series forecasting is used where the machine predicts future patterns based on data history and its behavior.

Big Data

Every day, we produce humungous data in the form of images, clicks, texts, articles, and comments. Such data is generally unstructured, which is also known as big data. The techniques and tools help convert unstructured to structured data. Some of the tools used in its analysis are Hadoop, Storm, Rapid Miner, MongoDB.

Business Intelligence

Businesses produce data every day, whether in small or large quantities, which is carefully examined by professionals to present them in visual form like graphics. The visual reports produced are used by business management to make informed decisions while thoroughly delving into patterns and details.

The knowledge of programming language, qualitative skills, and advanced statistics are applied collectively in data science, thus, making it one of the exciting career fields of the 21st century. Since the development of every business largely depends on data analysis and skilled decisions, therefore, data scientists have vast career potential. 

Each decision taken in the digital world requires intricate knowledge of the system and its data. It becomes imperative to learn different tools and techniques to grow a career in data science. Many educational institutes are providing a data science course in India, which helps you gain the skills mentioned above for career growth.

Here are some programming languages and tools which you can master with a data science course in India:

  • R

R is a programming language that is broadly used for data science projects. It is an open-source language that is currently high in demand for machine learning and data science. R is widely in use for statistical computing and graphics.

  • Python

It is another widely used language in the data science community and is amongst the easiest languages to learn. Python is extensively used in data mining, web development, and scientific computing. The demand for python experts has significantly increased over the years, making it one of the best skills to master for a career in data science.

  • SQL

It is one of the essential languages in the data science community for querying and editing the information stored in the relational database. Structured Query Language (SQL) is mainly used for storing and retrieving data. Proficient knowledge of SQL is a significant asset in machine learning and the data science world.

  • Excel

The knowledge of MS Excel is an essential requirement for all data entry jobs, which helps in data analysis by applying equations and formulae.

  • Hadoop

It is an open-source software framework which is used for processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming languages. It is designed to scale up thousands of computers from a single server.

Learn Data Science to Expand Your Career Horizon

These are some of the many languages and tools you can learn during a data science course in India, which will help grow your future career prospects.   

Many educational institutes in India provide such courses that help train professionals for the future. Jigsaw Academy is one such institution that offers a Data Science Course in India where you can master the tools and techniques of being a data science expert. Jigsaw Academy provides an 11-month course in association with Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

Data Scientist is one of the sought after and high paying professions today. Therefore, developing an adequate skill set with an enhanced data science course can help you reach new heights.

A Beginner’s Guide to Data Science Course
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