3 Kochi Startups advanced to Startup India Rocks Finale

kochi startups

Startup India Rocks is an event that is doing a multi city event to pick the best startups. During this tour they have picked up 3 Kochi startups for their Finale in Bengaluru. The Kochi Startups were selected based on their product, pitch, ask, and future plans.


This Kochi Startup shows 6 lakhs+ recipes for people around the globe. What makes them different from other recipe apps? They integrated artificial intelligence into this app. Arun, Nikhil, and Anoop, the co-founders of this app were working on an artificial intelligence application for Blackberry. Their project shutdown but the same application was used to help them cook. This was when RecipeBook app was invented.

Just take picture of all the ingredients you have and the app gives you options of all the recipes that have those ingredients. Else select a vegetable from the available list in the app and volla! It shows you all the recopies with that vegetable. They are tied up with many bloggers and chefs for recopies. Users also can contribute their recopies to this app. 10-15 recipes a day is what they are receiving from users.

They are asking for USD 500K to build their technology and improve their reach. The team is doing great in terms of revenue from advertisements on their app and the number of active users.

Instio Experiences

This Kochi Startup is in the business of providing superior customer experience. When asked about how they will help with customer experience, Girish Prabhu, Founder said

“We have various mediums of collecting feedback from customers. Incentives/rewards are something that will motivate customer to give feedback.”

 For a hotel they can have feedback collecting computer at checkout. For restaurants they can have a tablet near the exit. When customers give their feedback they receive discount coupons or any other rewards. Prabhu went to a five star hotel for dinner with his wife on their anniversary. He did not have the best experience. He gave his honest feedback by writing in down in the feedback register. The hotel never got back to him. When inquired he found out that the hotel manager is notified 2 weeks after the feedback was collected.

This is a long process and 2 weeks is enough to lose a customer. This is what Instio Experiences is trying to solve. They want to fix the experience so that a business does not spend on reacquiring a customer. Their solution is vertically agnostic. Participating in Startup India Rocks gave them the exposure of the startup ecosystem in India. For the finale they will have more numbers to show to the mentors/investors.

UnityLiving Softwares

This Kochi startup provides cloud based software that helps apartments, property managers, schools and other organization to carry out their processes. Read about Startups that are participating in Startup India Rocks.

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