IndiaRush Touching The Pinnacle Of Indian Marketplace – Rahi Jain co founder

Are you looking for an inspiration? And want some stuff which will your head turn on? Then you have landed on the right place where you can scroll interesting stuff about the success story of IndiaRush is not just an ecommerce portal but also shares a social platform – LookBook for the audience who loves to share their pictures. You can also enjoy India’s first online digital magazine – Fashion EDITS only at where you can find every trending gossip, styles that have become talk of the town, pro-style tips and a lot more.

What else?

Started by two young entrepreneurs Rahi Jain & Arti Sharma, the company is oozing with lots of new and quirky ideas with the most trending apparels for women.

Here are the excerpts from the interview of Rahi Jain and his journey in the online industry.

  1. Tell us something about your entrepreneurship journey? And the challenges that you faced while starting ‘IndiaRush’?

Rahi Jain (CEO): Since my college days, I had to attend seminars, webinars, startup conferences planned as per my course. I also handled 2-3 social websites during my college days. After completing my education, I joined as a software engineer in the mobile department where I used to develop and build social games. During this time, I got a chance to observe the whereabouts of the social platforms closely. Then I met with Arti Sharma, my very close friend and wife in Letsbuy where we both got the same frequency of starting our own venture.

The thought itself sounded dicey but the courage of ignorance helped us a lot here. The investors were not there and then, taking vendors or sellers on board looked a quite messy task.

  1. Why IndiaRush?

Rahi: The foremost aim of IndiaRush is to become a bridge between the marketplace and consumers. To cut down the inefficiency in fashion marketplace where the range of products is increased by 8X in offline markets, it has become necessary to interfere in the current scenario. This is what IndiaRush doing, selling fashion and trendy apparels, accessories and jewellery in a budget friendly range. We have also launched our own brand – Inddori to promote the individual talent of traditional weavers and designers.

  1. How different is ‘IndiaRush’ e-commerce model from the other e-commerce ventures in India?

Rahi: Unlike other e-commerce ventures, we have also launched our own brand in the name of Inddori. For the best user experience, we have also developed a unique social platform – Lookbook where customers can upload their pictures with captions, like others’ images and comments, and can make their own conversations as well. IndiaRush also boasts a separate section for our fashion bloggers where one can get information all about fashion and the on-going trend.

  1. In your opinion what are the major challenges in the way of e-commerce industry?

Rahi: The biggest challenge is to reach out to the right kind of audience. Because the mindset of the new customers is very vulnerable; you have to show your USP separately which will highlight over other brands. The second thing is the saturation level of the e-commerce industry where everyone is trying their level best to set their visage apart and being the role model in the industry. In this case, you have to beat your previous part or image in the best way to reach an upper level. The competition is not with the others but with oneself because one can’t beat a group in a whole but one can excel their excellence to set the level at par.

  1. How do you see the future of E-commerce in India?

Rahi: Online platforms, E-commerce, virtual world are the future of the world. It is not at its nascent but full blooming stage where everyone has already started relying on online purchasing. And why not!? After all, it saves your time, you can show your efficiency somewhere else in a better way rather than sweating under scorching heat in some famous market of your town. Not only fashion but basic necessities like mineral water bottles or pipes and tubes are also being sold online in India. This shows the golden future of e-commerce where everything will be more sorted and easy.

IndiaRush Touching The Pinnacle Of Indian Marketplace – Rahi Jain co founder
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. himani

    September 22, 2018 at 7:35 pm

    INDIA RUSH is not touch any pinnacle. In-fact it is a falter company who resells products and do not even pay to the sellers. There are numerous people reporting against them. This is so sad that platform like yours are glorifying business like India Rush who are creating fraud everyday in open market. It will be great if you can actually do a bit of research and put in fact in front of people. Many new business and young manufacturing entrepreneurs get mislead by this kind of fake information.

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