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Unleash boundaries Ignite Spark in you at Spark Fest

The Spark Fest stands as a single hotspot for passion and talents from all the domains there is for the youth to explore. Learn and along the way, discover your true self. From Arts to Academics, Science to Style and Poetry to Painting, domain boundaries are simply excuses to stop you from excelling at your passion. Boundaries stop potentials. Spark fest pushes those boundaries and aims to let you find the real you. You will find your passion and work towards making wonders. You will also meet people with inspiring stories. You will find and be a mentor to people. You will also find inspiration and be an inspiration to people. You will learn to become awesome and also teach people on how to become awesome at Spark Fest.

The idea of creating an event, so epiphany – inducing for people who are passionate about their talents excited Vihari Eyyuni and Balamurali Pandranki.  They both immediately co-founded The Spark Fest. Sitting out in the Moonshine Project, Vihari and Murali met an old friend Vikram, who is a passionate blogger and networker. He fell in love with the idea of making one’s passion as their profession.

The Spark Fest stands as a single hotspot for passion and talents from all the domains there is for the youth to explore. They can learn and along the way, discover their true self. “If at the end of the Spark Fest, I were to ask any 1 of the 2000 attendees ‘What their takeaway was from the fest?’ and if any 1 of those 2000 say that they have found a profound clarity of how they can fuel their passion and shape a life out of it, I would consider my mission accomplished”, Murali said.

 The event aims to spark, true to its name, with great speakers who include all of the stars of today who are fuelled by nothing but passion and hard work. Thushar Lall ( founder of Indian Jam Project); a YouTube music sensation, Tanya Nambiar (Singer and Musician); a melody queen, Haleem Khan, the famed Kuchipudi dancer stand as an example of breaking stereotypes while rising towards success. We have great entrepreneurs such as Vivek Satya Mitram (Founder and Editor in Chief @ and Shruti Chaturvedi (Founder at who could forget the guy who gave us the greatest Anu Aunty video, the one and only Varurn Agarwal; author and a young millionaire. We also have Bhuma Akhila Priya; the youngest MLA there is in India. Read more on Other Events

The Spark Fest 2016 is the biggest youth festival in the country and we will celebrate this at our very own T-HUB Gachibowli, on 17th and 18th of December, this year. It aims to incubate the ideas and passion of thousands of youngsters across the youth base in the city and as well as the state in entirety. Come and celebrate passion like never before. Say goodbye to boring lectures and unambiguous power talks. Tickets are available at for Rs.1000. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to attend the Spark Fest 2016. We welcome you with warm hearts. This article was contributed by the team Studpreneurs. Read more on Startup News

Unleash boundaries Ignite Spark in you at Spark Fest
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