ISRO launches reusable space ship – Sets History

ISRO launches reusable space ship

The message you see from the Facebook page of ISRO is about a test launch of its re usable space shuttle or space launch vehicle. ISRO set history by launching this advance technology and is the only country after USA, China and Russia to achieve this feat in the history.

isro reusable

This is definitely a time to rejoice for Indian space scientists and this comes after series of  success stories from ISRO after Mangalyaan (Mars Mission)and Chandrayaan(Moon Mission).  Success of this mission means a lot to Indian space scientists and re usable space rockets reduce the space mission and resupply mission cost big time.

Only two companies were testing this after NASA. Elon musk SPACE X and Jef Bezoz – Blue origin and are successful.

With this success it is expected that ISRO will plan a manned moon and mars mission in 2020.

Space exploration has capability to accelerate the economy big time by developing latest technologies. India has become the most successful and cheapest satellite launch program for other nations and we have already helped more than 12 countries to put their satellites in the orbit.

Kudos to ISRO.

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