Female Emancipation at Grassroots level by Vocational Training

What is Women Empowerment?

Women as mothers, sisters, wives and daughters are the better half of the society. They play multiple roles. However, they are being ignored by many sections of the same society and are deprived of basic human rights in today’s world. Female emancipation enjoins the right to control and benefit from time, labor, income that a woman generates.

Vocational Training

Knowledge and Skills are the catalysts for economic growth and social development of a society. The productivity, innovation and competitiveness increase through the development of skilled human resource.

The vibrancy and dynamism of India is evident in its female workforce. Unfortunately, the same work force has only about 12% gross enrollment ratio that is dismal when compared to the world average of 23%. Even our neighbors China are far ahead with 21% enrollment ratio, what to speak of developed nations (more than 50%).

What can a startup do?

Shamoor Pvt Ltd. is counted among the handful of strategic branding companies that offer 360° viral marketing . During its initial expansion phase, Shamoor participated towards female emancipation through vocational training. The underprivileged women from rural and semi-urban communities in and around New Delhi were mobilized, trained and engaged in production of handicrafts.

The salient features of this initiative were:

  1. Enhance female employ-ability.
  2. Solve labor market demands locally.
  3. Improve the living standards of female workforce.
  4. Strengthen India’s competitiveness.
  5. Promote self employment among rural women.
  6. Development of high-quality skilled workforce
  7. Creation of opportunities for youth, women and disadvantaged groups to acquire skills throughout their life.

Women & Men are compatriots not competitors

Women walk with men shoulder-to-shoulder in every field. They are warriors, pilot, engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, scientists, teachers and so on and so forth. Gender discrimination is a blot on our society. Equal opportunities to study, work and earn must be provided to women for the greater good of humankind. Skill India programs, Make In India programs will hugely prove fruitful if vocational training is imparted to women especially in rural areas where traditionally women partake in crafts or manual labor work.

Surbhi Jain and Akash Jai Singh, the co-founders of Shamoor took a brave step. All companies big or small, traditional or disrupt can contribute to this mission by following in their footsteps.

Female Emancipation at Grassroots level by Vocational Training
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