Virtual trial rooms becomes a reality

It’s a long weekend and my family decides to go on a shopping spree. Our excitement touches rock bottom when we see long queues outside trial rooms in every store. I cannot buy clothes without trying them on nor do I enjoy the queues in the stores. Thoughts like these will haunt every shopper on a holiday.

Mahendra Vellingiri & K.R. Sivasubramaniyem combined IT and creativity for a solution called Virtual Trial Room. Under this solution they have various products like WearIT, JewelIT, and StichIT. All these products have a screen with pre-loaded available garment designs, accessory designs, fabrics, and more. A customer simply needs to stand in front of the screen and choose garments or fabrics to see how it suits them. They can also create their own garments with custom designs. This tech looks like a mirror that has many options of garments and accessories to try on. This tech looks like Jarvis for garments that respond to our body movements.

WearIT and all other products have sensors that have ability to capture and recognize the customer movements and places outfits on the customer’s real time image/video feed. This concept is called augmented reality.

Mahendra Vellingiri, Co-Founder of Coitor IT says “WearIT is a tool that will thin out long queues and take the shopping experience to the next level”. Customers can virtually try out jewelry and custom-made outfits with this technology.

This product has been awarded as one among the top 13 out of 450 innovations that were displayed at Idea, Innovations and Invention (I3) a national level exhibition held at Codissia in Coimbatore between 27th and 29th of September 2013.

Mahendra Vellingiri and K.R. Sivasubramaniyem completed their engineering in Coimbatore, India and finished their Master’s from University of South Australia, Australia. Mahendra came back to India and joined his father’s retail business. He saw the pain points of the industry and came up with the idea of virtual trial room. He went back to Australia discussed with his friend Sivasubramaniyem to make this idea a reality.

Sivasubramaniyem manages the product development while Mahendra looks into the business side. Their experience from working in various projects in Australia and retail industry background was put into this product. Presently they are in 6 cities in Indian.

They are now trying to go digital with an e-commerce platform. With this people can log into the platform to try out clothes and accessories from various e-commerce stores before buying them. Presently they are looking to raise more money for the development & expansion of the e-commerce platform, and capture market share of this niche providing. This platform will take customer experience to the next level and this would be patented.


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