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TATA Motors and Microsoft Collaborated To Introduce Connected Cars

TATA Motors Ltd and Microsoft India has joined hands together in order to redefine India’s Connected Car technology. Both the companies have announced the inked  deal on Thursday.

Both companies together will bring AI (Artificial intelligence), IoT(Internet of Things) and Machine Learning vehicle to owners in India and across the world which will provide a safe, productive and fun driving experience. The first car model of the collaboration will be presented at 87th Geneva International Motor Show which will take place on 7th March 2017.

As a part of the deal, Tata Motors is specifically looking forward to explore Microsoft Azure global hyper-scale cloud platform. It will make Tata Motors capable of providing the Indian consumers a smarter, safer and more personalized driving experience than the one which is presently being delivered.

The new vehicles which will evolve through TATA Motors and Microsoft will be named as TAMO. It will be a new business vertical aimed towards exploring innovation and new technology development.

Guenter Butschek, CEO & MD, TATA Motors said:” With the aim to develop innovative and technologically leading products that excite customers, we at Tata Motors, understand the need for a connected ecosystem that can integrate into the digital lives of customers. We are using Microsoft’s connected vehicle technologies on the Azure intelligent cloud to bring the digital lives of our customers into the cars they drive.”

Microsoft Indian President, Anant Maheshwari commented: “We are excited to have partnered with Tata Motors as they get ready to embark on their new journey of innovation with Microsoft Azure cloud. Using IoT, AI and machine learning technologies, we will provide vehicle owners in India and across the world with a safe, productive and fun driving experience.”

However, this collaboration is not new for Microsoft as they already have linked up identical deals with Japanese car manufacturers Renault-Nissan. Microsoft also has signed up with international car manufacturers like Ford and Toyota in order to make tech-related products for automobiles. Car Manufactures like Volvo and BMW have joined hands with other IT companies in order to make their vehicles better for the owners.

What’s commendable is TATA Motor is first Indian car manufactures that has signed up with Microsoft in order to provide technology inspired vehicles.Read more Business News.

TATA Motors and Microsoft Collaborated To Introduce Connected Cars
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