Food tech startup Good Dot awarded PETA award

For those of you who are Non-Vegetarians and who are looking to switch to a Vegetarian diet but cannot quite do so because you like the taste of non-veg food, there’s good news for you folks. Good Dot is an Udaipur – based food tech startup. The startup was awarded the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) award yesterday (17/12/2017) for developing a vegetarian dish which looks and tastes like meat! The vegetarian dish developed is quite affordable to the common man. Read more about Food Tech Startups

“Good Dot uses special technology to turn healthy grain and plant proteins into food that looks and tastes like meat, like chicken or mutton and has a similar texture. These products require no refrigeration, are cholesterol-free, can be cooked quickly, and cost about the same as meat of same quantity”, PETA said in a statement.

The event was held in Mumbai on 16/12/2017 (Saturday) and Good Dot was awarded ‘Trailblazing Business Award’.

“Good Dot is using plant power and technology to help Indians eat in a way that’s better for their health as well as good for animals and the planet. Good Dot’s products help prove that vegan food can have variety and there’s no end to the kind of dishes that can be made from plants”, said PETA India’s associate director of celebrity and public relations, Sachin Bangera.

Famous vegan people from around the world like the former US President, Bill Clinton, Kangana Ranaut, Alicia Silverstone, Mallika Sherawat, Joaquin Phoenix, Ayesha Takia and Bryan Adams, just to name a few, attended the event on Saturday and encouraged such startups. It is truly heartening to see. It is said that if a person cannot create life (like God), he or she has no right whatsoever to take it. The Government of India must fund, incubate and mentor more of such innovative and useful startups like Good Dot. Read more on Startup News

Food tech startup Good Dot awarded PETA award
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