Postman Announces Launch of its API Network

Postman is a Bengaluru – based API Development Environment (ADE) Company headquartered in San Francisco, USA. Postman is also the world’s only company that is fully into the development of APIs and doesn’t just take them up as temporary projects. Postman’s ADE is used by roughly four million developers and 30,000 companies worldwide. Postman’s flexible and robust ADE enables developers to develop robust applications that can also connect to the internet quickly and easily. Postman’s ADE enables developers to develop any kind of API, right from APIs for small businesses to APIs for large corporates. Postman is a private firm and has so far raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Nexus Venture Partners. Read more on Applications

Postman had announced yesterday (15/12/2017) that it has launched Postman API Network, which contains a genuine and reliable list of publicly available APIs and instructions on how to work with (use) them. Postman has gathered the details of the APIs’ workings directly from the APIs’ publishers to provide the public with the most accurate information on how to use the publicly available APIs.

Here is the link to view Postman API Network:

Each list item in the Postman API Network is detailed containing executable descriptions of the API, including all the necessary requests, documentation, mocks, and tests that work with that API. Developers can run these APIs directly in Postman API Network using the ‘Run in Postman’ button or use its mobile app and start developing applications using those APIs. The Postman’s mobile app also contains some predefined, commonly used API tasks (in buttons) such as checking website links and verifying user identities.

“Postman has helped SurveyMonkey remove much of the friction encountered by developers when getting started with a new API. Postman collections allow us to package our API within an intuitive application and give developers a much-needed head start”, Adam Klockars, Senior Engineering Manager at SurveyMonkey said.

APIs are used to create almost any type of application like websites, mobile applications; IoT based applications, AI applications, Games, etcetera. APIs contain codes for requesting and managing data and services from multiple sources, such as other applications or servers. The advantage of public APIs over application-specific APIs is that public APIs are constantly evolving to meet application developers’ needs whereas the APIs used only in certain applications are static and only serve the needs of those specific applications. Sometimes, public APIs evolve so fast that developers find it difficult to be updated with how they work. Postman API network solves this problem by continuously updating the descriptions on its API list so that developers can execute those APIs easily.

“We are thrilled to launch the API Network for our community. Every listing is a functional, executable code that helps developers to not only to find an API, but start working with it immediately. The network provides everything a developer would need to know about the APIs they want to work with”, said Abhinav Asthana, CEO & co-founder of Postman.

The Government of India should fund, incubate and mentor more of such useful and innovative startups like Postman. Read more on Startup News

Postman Announces Launch of its API Network
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