Why there is no innovation in Indian Startups?

Why Indian Startups are not Innovative

While there are many startup in India and there is substantial rise in VC and angel investments for the last 5 years. Did we really create that disruptive startups In India?

I tried to google and see the most disruptive startups in India and to my surprise I only get to see flipkart, snapdeal, ola etc. Are they really disruptive?

The biggest startups in India like flipkart, snapdeal, ola etc are just replica models from international market and not are really called disruptive. If you see US and Israel every day there will be a new idea and new technology coming out, though some of them fail but disruption prevails.

For India to start building disruptive startup, there has to be a radical change in investors and founders perspective, here are the few points that should change.


  • Focus on future
  • Don’t just focus on revenues
  • Do not fear the failure
  • Set long-term vision for your products
  • Start living in future to build one


  • Have a risk appetite for innovation
  • Encourage founder to pursue their path to innovate
  • Only focus on revenues will not help
  • Set ROI period of 7-10 years
  • Launch funds and accelerators for disruptive models

 If change starts happening now I am sure we will see good number of innovative startups from India.
With the advent of fund flow and startup exists, there is a rise of new breeds of Investors. “Founders who became investors”. The new breed of investors so called super angels will be hungry to invest in future and take maximum risk and then India will definitely see entrepreneurs like Elon Musk.

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