Karbonn Mobiles ties up with AI based startup Cube26

Domestic smart phone manufacturer, Karbonn Mobiles had announced on Monday that it has tied up with an AI based startup called Cube26 to enhance the experience of its mobile phone users in many ways through its Reos suite of native apps which will be available in its new range of smartphones. The Reos suite of apps will contain apps on messaging, music and camera with advanced features. Indian smartphones these days are plagued with unwanted spams and promotional messages on various products or services. Reos’s messaging software employs Cube26’s proprietary spam filtering technology to filter all the spams and give Karbonn’s users a clean messaging experience. Apart from filtering spams, it also filters promotional messages and classifies the messages received into three categories: Main, Notifications and Promotional. Reos’s music app, apart from being able to play music like any other music player, has additional  and advanced features like online video playing, radio and shazam like audio recognition technology. Users can also download music from the internet through its advanced and fast search engine. Reos’s camera app features Prisma like artistic filter, time lapse, slow motion, beauty filter among other features. Read more on Tie Ups

The advent of smartphones has made life vary easy for the common man. Phones are now no longer used only for talking. Through mobile apps, a person can play games for entertainment; books cabs for traveling purpose through Ola or Uber mobile apps, book movie tickets or pizzas, chat with their friends or share pictures, videos and documents online, take high quality pictures through the phone’s camera and edit them using photo editing apps, read e – books and edit Microsoft documents, get updates on the weather through weather apps, pay telephone, water, electricity, internet and other bills online, make notes and organize one’s tasks through note taking apps like One Note, Every Note etcetera, there are even apps for booking train, bus and airline tickets, seeing horoscopes and for using the smartphone’s flashlight among so many others. But despite these conveniences, users receive umpteen numbers of spams and promotional messages every day, which sometimes irritates users to the core. Sometimes the mobile phone’s O.S. completely crashes due to spams and viruses transmitted. The spam and promotional messages filtering feature which Reos’s messaging app has is something Karbonn’s users will find highly convenient. Apart from keeping their phones relatively quiet and safe from viruses, it will also save a lot of their phones’ memory which would have otherwise been occupied by unwanted messages. People have grown quite fond of downloading stuff from the internet these days. People will find it convenient to be able to download the music or video that they want directly from the internet through Reos’s fast search engine and music app rather than having to download and then transfer music or videos from their PCs to their smartphones. The advanced photo editing and photo taking features which Reos’s camera app provides is also welcome. All in all this tie up with the AI startup, Cube26, is a welcome move taken by Karbonn and will prove beneficial to both the companies. Karbonn will benefit from the advanced features which Cube26 provides and Cube26 will benefit from the funding and digital marketing which Karbonn provides. This is a classic example of an innovative startup tying up with an established corporate. The government of India should promote more of such useful startups. Read more on Startup News

Karbonn Mobiles ties up with AI based startup Cube26
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