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Bye Bye Wifi. Data Connectivity At Lightning Speed: Li Fi

 There is Light At the End for “Li Fi”
 Light Fidelity or Li Fi is a medium to send data through light waves rather than conventional radio waves as used in Wi FI today. Li Fi caught everybody’s attention after 2011 TED presentation by Prof Harald Haas.  Prof Haas showcased a demo of leveraging light waves as a vehicle for moving data. The video got 2.4 million views. He has become father or authoritative figure in the Li Fi research. It’s been more than 5 years on the research and we started seeing more products that can be commercially used.
The biggest advantage of Li Fi over Wi Fi , is the speed and energy consumption. The light spectrum is huge and the data movement does not have much of congestion regardless of the bandwidth. This makes light as a carrier more compelling vs current congested Wi-fi. Also, the new use cases of leverage low power consuming LED as a source for transmitting and receiving data through light waves opened up with more adaptable and affordable solution.
There are couple of companies, who has been working on the Li fi and have promising product line up on this field.
The current products require USB based Li fi adapter that are externally connected to the laptops or phones. It is a deterrent for now. But, once the technology is proved and commercially viable, this will become an integral part of the device.
 The disadvantage of Li fi, to not be able to penetrate wall, does not make the implementation vulnerable to challenges. With high security and privacy breaches through Wifi, Li Fi offers better security with limited usage. May be, we can expect new products out of LiFi, emerging for Indian market soon.
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Bye Bye Wifi. Data Connectivity At Lightning Speed: Li Fi
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