Startup Energyly launches EB saving product TariffAlarm

Paying the Electricity Bill (EB) is a major concern for every salaried – class person. Everybody wants to minimize the usage of power at their homes and pay as little EB as possible. But people may not know the relation between the units of electricity consumed and the cost per unit of electricity. In Tamil Nadu, if a home user consumes 500 units of electricity, he pays Rs. 1,200 at Rs. 2.40 per unit of electricity. However, if that person consumes 501 units of electricity, he pays Rs. 2,100 at the rate of Rs. 4.10 per unit of electricity. Thus there is a massive Rs. 900 difference if one breaches the threshold. Read more on Bills

The energy startup Energyly looks to help consumers save their EB by launching a product called TariffAlarm, which warns consumers if they near the threshold (500 units) of electricity usage. The consumers can then take evasive action and minimize electricity usage to ensure that their electricity consumption does not breach the threshold. The threshold limit varies from state to state in India. Hence, TariffAlarm can be customized to set the required threshold limit.

“Around 70% of domestic consumers come within the 450 to 520 units consumption slab. The problem is most of them do not know when they cross from 500 to 501 and end up paying Rs 800 extra”, said Dayal Nathan, founder of Energyly.

Energyly launched TariffAlarm on January 26th, 2016 in collaboration with Tamil Nadu Electricians Welfare Association (TEWA). TariffAlarm is priced at Rs. 999 and is available only for single phase domestic users. TariffAlarm had bagged the runner – up prize in the Make – in – India contest conducted by IIT Bombay last year (2016).

Paying the EB is a major concern for middle – class people. Everyone would want to minimize their EB. In that regard, there can be no doubt that the TariffAlarm product developed by Energyly will help people save their EB by warning them when they near the consumption threshold. The Government of India should fund, promote and incubate more of such useful startups. Read more on Startup News

Startup Energyly launches EB saving product TariffAlarm
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