Apollo Remote Healthcare CEO Vikram Thaploo wins award

Apollo Group of Hospitals is renowned throughout the world for its quality healthcare services. Apollo Remote Healthcare i.e. Telemedicine Platform of Apollo group has become an integral part of Apollo institutions which not only provides quality healthcare services but also at remote locations with affordable prices. Mr Vikram Thaploo (CEO), heads the Apollo Remote Healthcare vertical which includes ATNF (Apollo telemedicine network foundation, HNG (Health net global) and ATHS (Apollo TeleHealth services). Mr Thaploo with 2 decades of industry experience has bagged various awards and accolades in past years as a token of appreciation by various platforms. Recently, he has received the ‘100 Most Impactful Healthcare Leaders’ award at the 2nd edition of World Health and Wellness Congress and Awards 2018 held at Mumbai. The award was presented by Dr A Velumani, Creator and MD of Thyrocare and Nuclear Healthcare limited.

Apollo Group has been a pioneer in private healthcare sector; however with the Remote healthcare vertical it has also entered into the public sector through Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) with various state governments. Mr Thaploo has played a pivotal role for Apollo to enter into this partnership India to implement their public welfare/healthcare schemes. The objective of Apollo Remote Healthcare is to make the healthcare affordable and accessible to the common man by Converging Technology, Telecommunications and Information technology domains. The concept of Telemedicine has been implemented successfully throughout India (particularly in rural and semi-urban areas) by Apollo TeleHealth Services. Even complex services like Emergency TeleHealth Services are provided throughout India by Apollo TeleHealth Services.

So far Apollo has entered into a PPP with the Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh governments to implement their public healthcare schemes. Key Projects of Apollo Remote Healthcare includes:-

  • e-UPHC – (Electronic urban primary health centre) with 164 centres across 9 districts of Andhra Pradesh under the name of” Mukhyamantri Arogyam Kendram”.
  • Tele-Emergency- Implemented in two different projects i.e. NTPC( National Thermal Power Corporation) and Himachal Pradesh Project situated at 14000 feet above sea level to cater not only General healthcare needs but also provide critical emergency care.
  • Teleophthalmology (e Eye Kendram)- With 115 centres across Andhra Pradesh to provide Ophthalmic care to the urban-rural population. This project has been allotted based on the exemplary work of e-UPHC project.

This became possible since Apollo Remote Healthcare has deep-rooted pillars including:

  1. Medical response Centre- MRC comprises a team of Specialist Doctors, GP Doctors, Health Counsellors, Laboratory Professionals and Moderators. MRC offers diverse services which include virtual Doctor Consultations, Condition Management Services, and Counseling Services to people, MNCs and various government organizations.

         Some of the key Features of MRC include: 

  • Quality audits are also conducted by Apollo right from the patient registering on its mobile platform to doctors giving a prescription to monitoring the patient’s health.
  • Apollo has defined various quality parameters to ensure that they are delivering efficient care with a patient-centered approach. These quality parameters are:
  1. Clinical Parameters: These Parameters focus on assessing the compliance with the standard protocols defined for clinical intervention.
  2. Non-Clinical Parameters: Communication Skills & Etiquette, HealthCare Data management.
  3. Critical Flagging system: has been developed by identifying critical quality parameters that primarily focus on patient safety, which when compromised prompts immediate necessary intervention in the service delivery.
  4. Prescription Quality Assurance: The Prescription Quality Audit Parameters have been developed in accordance with the guidelines for prescription writing, formulated by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

For all the above impeccable services, Apollo Remote Healthcare’s MRC Team has been awarded in the category of “Innovation in the quality of Service Deliver” by World Health & Wellness Congress & Awards 2018.

  1. Medical Devices and Information Technology Centre- The aim of Apollo Remote healthcare to provide quality and affordable healthcare to urban and rural masses has been possible only by combining Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), state of the art medical devices and patient information system.
  2. Call Centre- With Close to 200 call centre team, almost 10,000 queries are being addressed per day. Therefore, call centre completes the process of Patient Health and education cycle from cradle to grave.

Thus by bringing these pillars together Mr Vikram Thaploo, an ISB Graduate in Healthcare Management has proved himself as a result-oriented team leader who wishes to work for public welfare. Hence, by introducing clinical & non-clinical protocols for virtual consultation and by pioneering TeleHealth services, Apollo has kept up to its promise of reaching a wide base of the population using modern TeleHealth technologies in cost effective and convenient ways.

Apollo Remote Healthcare CEO Vikram Thaploo wins award
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