AI powered HR Systems Indian Scenario

Now is the season for campus recruitment across the educational institutes for hiring freshers. The recruitment process has leveraged aptitude test, technical evaluation, Domain knowledge based on evaluation test. The social – collaboration factor are leveraged using the face to face interview. The face to face interview goes for multiple rounds based on the filtration.
The ability to conduct face to face interview for initial rounds in an objective way and evaluate candidate based on context, goals, tactical view, and Strategic sight has been tough. Based on subjective evaluation of the panel the filtration is applied. The ability for the panel to conduct interview with the limited bandwidth also plays a role on the filtration.
Is there a way to make this initial face to face through scientific and objective way?
Yes, the improvement in maturity of AI, Sentiment analysis and facial recognition has made this possible. The maturity of Natural Language processing not only in text but also on the speech has made the analysis of the video a breeze. is video based evaluation bot. The beauty of the Gecko is the ability to conduct both live and offline interview. The use case of leveraging the face to face with fresher for initial round can be set in offline. Which will help in putting the candidate at ease and can do it at their convenient time. This ensures the real feedback of the candidate is captured and the evaluation is conducted on all aspect of the sentiment analysis.

AI Powered recruitment based on Sentimental Analysis –

The ability to define the questions by the HR and Domain expert with weightage provided for input parameters allows in objective means to understand the candidate.
This is by no means a replacement for face to face. Rather, a supplement means to ensure proper face to face is spent on deserving candidates.
The ability to stack the candidates on the response and create a rankboard is very interesting.

Stack Ranking based on Sentimental Analysis –

The use case does not stop only for the recruitment. April is generally the annual evaluation period for all corporate. Accomplishment video presentation by employees on key executions that are tied to the high level goals of the organization can help in creating an objective way of enumerations. The applicability of sentiment analysis based on facial recognition is paving lot of ways into the HR connect. The facial recognition is only part of the puzzle on annual evaluation. The performance is generally year round ,HR and Department heads needs the holistic performance of each associate. The performance are hidden inside the daily activities and feedbacks. Engazify has come up with a practical way to capture the feedbacks from daily conversations. The AI powered slack integrated bot helps get associate peer based on conversation on daily jobs. Having report on performance from each project across multiple collaborator helps in an objective way to measure individual performance.

Investment in AI and NLP with both Video and text will enable Corporate to understand the proper performance of each associate and reward them accordingly.

AI powered HR Systems Indian Scenario
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