Tech startup NanoSniff gets funded by 1Crowd

NanoSniff Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an IIT – Bombay incubated tech startup. The startup announced yesterday (05/04/2017) that it had raised a fund of Rs. 2 crores from the crowd funding platform 1Crowd. With this investment from 1Crowd, NanoSniff Technologies, will be able to utilize 1Crowd’s mentors, industry connects and investor community and thereby get strategic and operational support from them. Read more on Investments

NanoSniff Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Kapil Bardeja, an IIT Delhi alumnus and serial entrepreneur Dr. Nitin Kale, an IIT Bombay alumnus and Center of Excellence in Nano electronics (CEN) at IIT Bombay. The startup was founded to commercialize the research products developed at CEN. The startup uses micro – electro – mechanical systems (MEMS) to develop products for the detection of industrial hazards, security, surveillance systems and medical devices.  It has filed multiple patents in MEMS sensor technologies. Its clients include ISRO and the Germany –based Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science.

1Crowd was founded in September 2015 by four former banking executives: Anil Gudibande, Anup Kuruvilla, Amit Ratanpal and Natasha Kothari. It is currently run by Zeva Capsol Pvt. Ltd. It has around 300 investors as its members and is currently engaged with five startups through its startup incubation and acceleration programs.

Prior to this round of funding from 1Crowd, NanoSniff Technologies had raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from a clutch of angel investors during January, this year (2017). Micro Electronics is one such field of technology which is gaining importance in recent years. The products which NanoSniff Technologies has developed, using microelectronics, especially for the detection of leakage of hazardous chemicals in industries will be useful. Security and Surveillance are also domains which are gaining importance in recent years because many attempts have been made by hackers on established corporations to steal their money or sensitive/valuable information and NanoSniff Technologies has developed products for security and surveillance purposes. More prominent institutions in India like IIT should fund and incubate useful tech startups like NanoSniff Technologies. Read more on Startup News

Tech startup NanoSniff gets funded by 1Crowd
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