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India: Learning From The Mistakes Done Over 70 Years Of Independence and Moving Towards Becoming A Super Power Over The Next 30 Years

When India turned the largest democracy on the earth following its independence in 1947, bright prospects awaited the nation to prove itself on the international scene. Access to a vast pool of manpower, a wide range of natural resources, a nation and society left to ourselves to rule and govern systematically, the large amount of talents in the fields of governance, economy, industry, science and technology and every other domain. Looking back at the journey we have made over the 70 years, we find both mistakes and achievements mixed up. Analyzing what mistakes we have done and understanding what we must do now can give us a clear road to move forth and become the super power in the next 30 years.

The Mistakes Over The 70 Years Of Independence

Sticking on to dynastic politics:

Indian community at large and the members of various political parties continued the greatest mistake of supporting dynastic politics. Though it was in the constitution, it just appeared we have taken so long to embrace democracy. This trend had clearly prevented the best people from shining in the national level on the seats of power. We have also fanned a notion that it is a dream for the common men to rise to the top of the national governance. If only we had the best leadership running the country during crucial times, we would have probably shone much better.

Sluggish social reforms:

We did not hurriedly cure the society that was rotting with caste system, the male dominated society depriving women of growth, freedom and safety, and lack of communal harmony. Quite often, these flaws were exploited by those in power who played upon the unity and integrity of the country thereby pushing the prospects of quick progress.

Rampant Corruption:

The wide spread corruption in every sphere of the national governance had always inflicted a death blow to progress rendering the government instrument thoroughly inefficient and making the problems of the country very difficult to solve.

Lack of civic sense and respect for law:

Our people have not much bothered to follow rules when driving, parking their vehicles, disposing the garbage out of their houses and standing in queues. They could never be made to feel bribing someone is not the job of a responsible citizen. Therefore in all these cases, personal interest dominated a national feeling.

Black Money:

Even the most common citizen of the country knows the country has a large parallel black economy or the cash economy not declared to the government. Huge cash transactions that are unaccounted and most businesses not bothering to pay accurate taxes, the participation of the salaried class in this black economy, not making enough money available for the developmental activities, the corruption ridden and inefficient system stealing away the resources of the country are all major problems that have weakened our system.

Poor Infrastructure:

In every segment of basic infrastructure like power, roads, law and order, sanitation, education, water and others, we have not been able to attain self-sufficiency making them available to the last common man. We have failed to reflect on the fact that without meeting these basic needs we can never raise the economy and society.

Not rewarding innovation:

While large number of Indians innovate a lot of things in the international scene, we have failed to encourage such innovations locally and also benefit from them. In defense and some industry sectors, we heavily rely on buying from other countries shelling out a large part of our budget and the hard earned foreign currency. This tendency has severely crippled the economy and job creation.

Adding to the list above, there are certainly several other mistakes we have committed including the failure of the government to provide enough education infrastructure and stressing enough on the importance of mass education which has led to corruption and anti-social tendencies among the youth. Now besides remedying each of these areas crucial to development and progress, we also need to focus on the other constructive ways to move the cou8ntry forward over the times ahead of us.

Aspects To Work On To Turn India A Superpower

With the promising prospects beckoning us to become the superpower on the earth, working fervently on some well defined domains can help fasten our march to achieve this cherished status.

Develop the Manufacturing quarter

Chine being one of the economic superpowers of the earth, manufacturing alone makes up about 34% of its GDP. It is estimated that China makes up about 14% of the total manufacturing activity happening on the earth. Though manufacturing makes up 16% of India’s GDP, India has contributed only 1.8% to the world’s manufacturing output. Besides the giant manufacturers, small manufacturers must be given a fair chance which shall create more jobs and invite other countries to deem India as a legitimate manufacturing option ultimately boosting the overall economy.

Curb inflation

Also identified as the increase in price for goods and services, inflation is severely damaging to the economy. When people have to pay more for things, then tend to buy lesser goods. When manufacturing takes up a huge chunk of an entrepreneur’s budget, he has little to pay for the employees thus slowing down employment. Amidst uncertain scenario, consumers tend to hang on to money and not spend it on buying. Researches reveal that India needs to focus on easing the pressure on inflation and develop the infrastructure of the nation.

Boosting up Brand India initiatives

With Brand India initiatives being considered the major impetus to India’s economic growth, the emphasis on strengthening the five T’s namely tradition, talents, tourism, trade and technology must come out to be realized in practical terms rather than in mere policies. India must be turned into a marketable brand that the other countries shall feel happy to work with. Being one of the largest pools of scientists, engineers and IT professionals, India can do well in exports by establishing a better relationship with the other countries.

Empowering the middle class

Middle class in India makes up the huge chunk of the populace. Though this segment has gained access to education opportunities, research say this class is not well off as it should be. Increasing their average income and capacitating them to buy more things shall contribute to the boosting of the Indian economy quickly.

Stretch development over underprivileged zones

A huge segment of India is still under rural poverty. While six major urban states of the country have benefited from foreign investments, 22 other states are still in the darker zone talking of economy. An overwhelming number of 300 million Indians are still living under the poverty line. Concrete efforts to make education, health and employment opportunities available to this class across the nation can mean a definite progress in the country’s economy.

Broadband penetration and strong IT infrastructure

India is a big country but the infrastructure is still lacking in many parts—tier III and tier IV cities apart from the villages don’t have fast enough access to broadband services and IT infrastructure, which can infuse real growth in economic sector. Mobile users feel the pinch when they find slow internet and are unable to use various kinds of services and features. Public as well as private sectors can gain a lot if the youth of these areas are empowered with rigorous IT infrastructure and broadband penetration.

Enhance electricity production

Every time when the power goes out, India’s output comes to a halt. Factories, trains, businesses, organizations and households need electricity to run. While boosting up electricity production would mean working on a comprehensive range of things, we need to implement definite steps to achieve self sufficiency in this regard which is the most crucial condition to development and progress.

Increase FDI

The amount of FDI is proportionate to the confidence foreign investors have in the economy of India. While India has been now fervently working on these lines by enhancing FDI in the defense manufacturing industry, eased the restrictions in the construction and insurance industries, it is still a long way to go and we must emphasize on this segment.

Combining all such initiatives with a definite step to empower the military, India can fasten its march towards the most envied march of becoming the superpower on the globe over the next 30 years.

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