Mechanic Resurrection – Startups need to look up to this Movie

Mechanic Resurrection

Mechanic Resurrection starring Jason Statham and Jessica Alba Released last Friday is faring well at the box-office. Good movie to watch as it is entertaining. Well, there are lessons to learn form a movie like this for startups. Before that a quick synopsis on the movie helps understand these lessons in a better way. Statham is a hired killer who quits his job over a period of time and is now working as a small time mechanic, his lady love Jessica Alba is kidnapped and is in captive of the bad goons who hand Statham a task of assassinating three people. Now to save Jessica Alba he has to assassinate these three people and keep these murders as mere accidents, which he is good at doing.

# Lesson 1: Selling the old wine in a new bottle

Though many a movies have come up in this Genre, yet the director of the movie Dennis Gansel is successful in promoting the movie and getting connected to the audience. Always the presentation counts and it is most important in any business. How you promote yourself is how you sell yourself.

# Lesson 2: Always find the best people for the specific task

Here the Bad goons are exceptionally good in hiring Jason for the assassination job, where they knew that Jason is the right one to do the task in a particular way making the murder look as a simple accident. So hiring the right person to do the right job is very important for the best results.

# Lesson 3: knowing the pulse

Again the bad goons could make out that the weakness of Jason is Jessica. Knowing his pulse they could abduct Jessica to cater their need. Accordingly the startup should research on the targeted audience pulse by doing so startup can just make the buyers come after them for fetching their needs.

These simple yet effective lessons could surely help the startup in booming towards a great Business. Apart from this one can always watch the movie as it is an entertaining flick.

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